Putting Joggers to the Test


UPDATE:  It’s been a year since this post was published- wow!  It still remains my most viewed post and while the information is still relevant I thought I’d share a few more helpful blog posts with you.

My gal Lindsay at Doodle Number 5 has done the most incredible two-part jogger review.  She covered them all so make sure to head over there:

Part One

Part Two

I’ve made multiple pairs since then too that you can check out here and here.


If you know me or have read my blog before, you know I’m not fancy.  I like simple, comfortable clothes and the jogger trend is right up my alley. Throw them on with a tee for a super casual look or with a button-up to take them up a notch.  Totally my kind of pants.

I made my first pair of joggers last year about this time.  I used True Bias Hudson Pants and an obsession was born.  I’ve since been on the hunt for THE perfect fitting pair.  I’ve compared the Hudson pants to the Go To Knit Pants (view B) and Greenstyle Brassie Joggers.  Luckily, I know where to get some excellent french terry.  Raspberry Creek Fabrics has so many to choose from but I went with simple solid french terry in navy, black, and charcoal grey.  I should mention I am 5’7″ and used these patterns all unaltered except the Hudson’s where I added 2 inches to the length per the pattern instructions.

True Bias Hudson Pants

Since my first pair of Hudson pants I’ve made about a dozen variations on the pattern in different lengths and sizes and I’ve altered it in so many ways…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are a sampling- a bermuda length, a longer version with no bands and the calves widened, even a woven pair (following True Bias’s tutorial).

I originally made them a size bigger than my measurements and then went on to alter the calves to be wider also.  Add in a little weight loss and the fit was really bugging me… so back to square one.   I remeasured and found my original Hudson’s were now three sizes bigger than what the pattern calls for.  Time for a new pair…


Wow, what a different fit!  These fit more like leggings through the legs.  They are more flattering than my older versions but they aren’t exactly what I’m looking for.  A little too tight throughout and the front crotch area is just a little funny.  If you are going for a tighter jogger fit then this is the pattern for you.  These fit similar to a lot of rtw joggers.

joggers22 joggers21

joggers28 joggers17

I love how quickly these sew up- the instructions are great and I’ve made so many now (I didn’t mention the dozen mini versions my kids own) that I can almost do it in my sleep.  The option to use different fabric for contrast is so fun too.  Now here is my biggest issue..


My phone is forever falling out of the pockets.   Not a deal breaker but I carry my phone 24/7 like almost everyone on the planet and this is totally annoying.  With the better, tighter fit, the pocket bags are totally noticeable on the outside so making them bigger will just add to that.  I’ve used thinner jersey for the pockets and it helps.  I may keep playing with the pockets but until then I’ll show you some ‘real’ pockets!

Go To Knit Pants


The next pattern I tried was the Go-To Pants Pattern.  The best part about this pdf is that it is three patterns in one- a jogger, a yoga pant, and leggings.  You can’t beat that, right?!


One of the reasons I love pdf’s so much is how accessible the designers are.  I had an issue with my pattern tutorial and emailed Andrea, the designer behind Go-to Patterns, and she was so quick to help and to get me the updated tutorial.  Customer service doesn’t get much better than that.

joggers7 joggers6 joggers5

These are the most comfortable version I tried but in my opinion the least flattering.  They are generally baggy all over and the pockets are HUGE!  I love this but they are so visible on the outside.


I wasn’t a fan of the waistband construction and kinda struggled there.


You sew on one long side of the waistband to the pants then stretch and sew the elastic to the other side of the waistband, flip the elastic down and encase it then sew it down.  Got that?  Seemed a little too complicated and the waistband is a little more bunchy than just doing a casing.  If I wasn’t writing up this review, I would have sewn these up differently and I think I would have had a better experience.  I think there is great potential in this pattern- maybe using the Brassie pocket technique or simply changing up the waistband.  I think this pattern would be the best of the three if you were looking to try a woven version.

Edited to add- these are my most worn pair.  The waistband and loose fit make them my favorite lounging around the house pants.

Greenstyle Brassie Joggers


These were clearly the winner for me…


My husband also liked these the best but he hated my styling of them.  He thought I looked like I borrowed my grandma’s leisure suit!  All I can say is I had one stylish grandma 🙂

The Brassie’s are baggy without being sloppy looking.  The are slimmer up top and more relaxed in the calf.  The pockets are genius in construction but still a tad small for a cell phone.  The pocket bag is sewn directly to the pant front, eliminating a layer of fabric and bulk.

joggers9 joggers8

The waistband uses a double casing, elastic in the top and a functional drawstring in the bottom.

I love, love the fit of these.  The pattern comes with multiple length options, this is the ankle length with band.  It is a unisex pattern so the length options are in inches and I can’t wait to make a pair for my husband and oldest boy.  There are also different rise options and these are the mid rise option.  I like that they cut across my belly and fully cover my backside.  I’m already planning my next versions- I think my next pair I’ll tinker with the pocket size and probably do a pocket detail similar to the Hudson’s.

So, what do you think?  Do you have a favorite jogger I didn’t try?  Any tips or tricks to get yours just right?  I’m so glad I branched out and tried a couple more patterns.  I think I can take a little something from each of them.

P.S.  My pics are courtesy of my cute 11-year-old.  I know they’re not profesh but he was cheap 😉



21 thoughts on “Putting Joggers to the Test

  1. I have this terrible compulsion to buy, buy, buy even when I have a similar pattern. Thank you for this review, now I don’t feel like I’m missing out or that I need the “trendy” Hudson pants because I already own the best of the best, the brassies 😀


  2. I love your conclusion and am happy with the Brassies too. Something about the Hudson’s styling made me feel as if I could not pull it off, and for inexplicable reasons, the Brassie didn’t make me feel that way. I learned how to put in grommets, and now I’m off to the races making Brassies for everyone in my family.


  3. Thanks Tami! I love this. I was about to sew up some Hudsons today but maybe I’ll try the brassies. They’re so cute on you! I wish someone else would cut out my pattern though! 😭
    Where did you get that cute drawstring? I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. They all look great! I love my Brassie Joggers too. I wore my favorite pair yesterday! I like that they are casual but don’t look like baggy sweatpants or tight leggings. I wear athletic gear 75% of the time and these fit in with out being too athletic when I need to dress up OR I can throw on a tank and trainers and head to the weight room.


  5. Thank you for the comparison! I recently sewed the Brassie Joggers & love, love, love them. Next on my list is the Knit Pants from GTP. Your reviews is very through! I definitely don’t feel the need to buy the Hudson Pants now. Your 11 year old did excellent.


  6. Awesome reviews, thanks for sharing. I have the Go To knit pants and just purchased the Brassies…I was trying to decide which to try and your thoughts were very helpful. Rock on in your joggers! Ps. I love the floral raglan with the black Brassies!


  7. I’ve had this post open for days meaning to comment. I LOVE the comparisons you made and think the final results are spot on. I have the brassie joggers so I think that’s where I’ll start! Thanks for the tips (also you look AMAZING)


  8. Hi! Love this post. I actually was planning on making the hudson pants. I have the pattern already taped out. Now I am second guessing because if they look like how they look on you, on me, I will be unhappy. I am looking for the fir of the Brassies. Poo. Before I go ahead and buy that pattern (sigh), I have a bit of a sizing issue. This is an issue for both the brassies and hudson. My waist is 26 inches and my hips are 38 which puts me all over the place sizing wise. I would love your advice on which size to make. I have three fabrics ready to make into pants!


    1. Hi Brittany! I think you would be ok to try the Hudson’s. I would either go with your hip measurement size all over to get a looser fit (it’s easy to take it in if needed) or grade in for your waist and leave the legs looser. As you can see it took a lot for me to find the perfect fit for my body but it’s a super quick and easy pattern and with a little altering I think it works for a lot of body types. I wish I could say just go with the Brassies but since you already have the Hudson’s I’d say give them a try. I have almost the opposite sizing problem where my waist puts me a few sizes above my hips so I’m probably no help at all! Good Luck!


  9. I was wondering how you found attaching the cuffs to all of them Tami, do you use CL or ribbing? My serger has been sent back to the Janome manufacturer after sewing on ribbing yesterday (it might have added to the issue it was having with timing but still sad days in the house now!)


    1. So, I’ve never used ribbing as the cuffs. I know it’s totally what you’re supposed to do but I usually just use the french terry (if it has enough stretch and recovery) or CL. Sending good vibes to your serger! Almost like loosing a part of you, right?!!


      1. A big chunk of my right arm! Luckily I bought it locally from a lady who owns a quilting shop (small town, has to have a quilting shop) and she has lent me her own! How impressive! 🙂


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