Three Things I Learned from Project Run and Play


It’s been a week since the winner of Project Run and Play was announced and two weeks since my departure.  It’s so nice to be on this end of the adventure and to be able to reflect on the crazy month that we all had.  It was such a blast and I thought I’d share a few things that I learned.

1- I have the most AMAZING family and friends.  That’s the biggest thing I will take from the competition.  It was so fun to have my close family rally behind me.  From the fabric store runs with my ‘creative consultant’ sister-in-law to the pattern discussions over the phone with my sister, I couldn’t have done it without them.  I loved sharing preview pics with my photography loving dad and having my parents spread the word to everyone they knew.  Let’s not forget about my brilliant little models!  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our photo sessions.  We had such a blast each time and they really blew me away with how good they were.  They were the cutest things each week when I told them the results.  I’m hoping it’s something they remember for a long time- that one time when mom was in that crazy sewing competition 😉

My heart was full each time I shared a look and friends from near and far would comment with support.  Facebook is incredible that way.  Friends from my childhood to brand new sewing buddies, each comment or like really made my day.  I appreciated my local friends always asking how it was going and sharing their love- I know most of them really could care less about this little sewing world I’m in but it sure meant a lot!

Finally, I am so grateful to the new friends I made during the competition.  The ladies sewing furiously along with me each week are the best of the best in every way.  It was so nice to have people who knew exactly what I was going through and to be cheering me on too.  I honestly wanted everyone to win and the final results couldn’t have been more perfect.


2- I can sew WAY better than I ever thought.  Guys, I’m lazy.  There, I said it.  Sewing is my way to relax so for the most part I sew easy, quick projects.  The kind that don’t take too much brain power.  The kind that you can follow step by step and end up with a great looking garment.  I rarely veered from the pattern and would much rather buy a whole new pattern than hack a pattern I already own for the same look.  Whelp, that was then sistahs!  This competition taught me to push myself and the joy that comes from spending a bit more time and effort on a project.  All those pattern tests have sunk in and I remembered skills I had learned with each one.  Zippers, understitching, pinking curved seams, burrito bodices, and buttonholes galore!  I CAN do it!  It was a great feeling to have it all come back to me.

I really learned to trust my tastes and to go with my gut.  I agonized over each weeks designs and often would change my plan when I found the perfect zipper (week one’s Pikachu look was originally going to be a crop top/pant set) or couldn’t find the fabric I hoped for (I envisioned week two’s floral dress as a gorgeous fall plaid maxi but couldn’t find a print in the right colors).  But… it all worked out.  I stayed true to myself and my style.  I also realized how well I know my kids.  I worked with them on all the designs and we would always be on the same page.  It was such a joy to see their excitement at the finished pieces.  So, so worth it my friends!


3- Well, this one’s  a work in progress but I’ve learned I need to slow down.  This lil ‘ol blog started as a way for me to share my pattern tests and love of fabric.  It’s grown pretty fast and new opportunities are always coming my way.  It’s so easy to get excited about the newest pattern release or the next blog tour but sometimes it’s just too much.  I’m a worrier and I’m constantly thinking about my next project.  When I’ve got a dozen projects on the calendar my mind goes crazy!  I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about how great this fabric would look as that pattern or which kid gets the next pattern test.  So, I need to say no.  I want to sew what I want sometimes.  I have a pair of trousers for myself that I’ve been dying to make since the pattern released last winter but not sure when I can pencil that one in to the calendar 😉  I’ll still be sewing everyday but I’ll hopefully be spending a little more time on our new sofa too.  The house just might get a little cleaner too (a girl can dream can’t she ;)!

Thank you so much for cheering me on and for sharing this adventure with me.  It truly was a blast and one I will never forget!

Eleri from The Sew and Tell Project created a link-up for us all to share our thoughts on the competition.  You can check them out here:

Sew And Tell Project



9 thoughts on “Three Things I Learned from Project Run and Play

  1. I loved following along! You did an awesome job, but I can imagine the pressure! I am an overcommiter and take
    On too many projects all the time! I love it and hate it at the same time… 😉
    I’m going back to uni to do another degree starting in a few weeks so I’m going to have to take a break and see how life works out which I’m a bit sad about. I love the Facebook/instagram sewing community we have, so I don’t want to stop, but it’s all about finding the balance right…? xxx


  2. Tami, you were amazing as always on PR&P. Every single week. And I voted for you every week too! You are so inspiring! And yes, you should give yourself a break from all that frantic sewing. Rest and recharge. And possible work on that pants…


  3. I was completely impressed with how many amazing creations you made in such a short amount of time. What a fantastic job you did! You have definitely earned the right to sew whatever you darn well please…at least until it’s time to make Halloween costumes! 🙂


  4. Oh man, I can so relate to the not sleeping because of fabric/pattern/sewing thoughts! I love all your projects and always gets some inspiration:) Inhopentou take some time to relax though, /!: maybe make yourself something 😘


  5. I like lesson number 3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who lies awake at night thinking about fabric and sewing. I could sew all day, every day and I could buy all the fabric. I’m always telling myself to just enjoy sewing rather than trying to sew everything at once. Plus I love your sense of style. Always so polished and sophisticated.


  6. I loved all your projects! I’m the same way with not being able to sleep with so many projects on my mind and a full calendar. I am working on saying no, but I really struggle with this. I’m trying to be more selective with testing and trying to work with people I already have a relationship with. I really do have some things I want to do just because that I’m not getting done. We can struggle together with this.


  7. Oh, forget about that cleaning. Your kids won’t remember how clean their home was but they will remember every garment you made for them… for sure! 😉


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