A new crop of Bimaas


This girl loves her Bimaa Sweaters.  Two years ago I made her a handful of sweaters and dresses from the Bimaa Sweater Pattern.  Last year, she got a couple new ones that she adored (she even wore an old one for school pics this year).


So it was about time she got a couple new ones for this year.



The first version I made with a thicker sweater knit I picked up in LA.  I lengthened it about 8 inches and made the band 9 inches wide (folded in half it’s about 4 inches).  Easy modification for a super cute sweater dress.

bimaa5 bimaa6

bimaa3 bimaa4

It is super cozy and casual enough that she’ll wear it to school.


In my last post I professed my love for this Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  I had just enough left for the cowl on this sweatshirt.


The pattern is written for knits and I crossed my fingers she would still be able to get it over her head without any stretch.  I didn’t modify the cowl at all using the woven and took a deep breath as she tried it on.  She has a tiny head so it was no problem!  Good thing because I love, love this top!

bimaa11 bimaa15

The top is made from my favorite charcoal french terry.  This sweatshirt is so darling and warm!  Perfect combination!