Greenstyle Hudson Hoodie for my Dad


When I saw this camo print from Raspberry Creek I knew immediately I needed to sew it up for my dad.  I rarely sew for gifts (my perfectionism kicks in and I stress way too much about it) but I just knew this would be a great Christmas present for him.  He loves the outdoors and hunting so this print was just meant for him.


The muted colors in this print are my favorite and that oatmeal french terry base is just amazingly soft.  (The oatmeal base has sold out repeatedly and is not currently available, huge bummer, but I’ll update this when it’s back in stock.)


I had a tiny bit of the print left and just had to make Charlie a matching pair of joggers.  These pictures of Papa and his buddy are just priceless to me.  Seriously, my heart just might burst!


I used the Greenstyle Hudson Hoodie with little modification (I had to cut my hood in two pieces to make it fit on my fabric).  The fit is great and it comes together quickly and smoothly (if you’re not stressing over all the little details ;).  My dad is 6’1″ and I didn’t need to add any length.  It helps that my oldest son is almost the same height so he was a great test model.  I think that’s the other hard thing about sewing for gifts.  Picking a size and hoping it fits is a pretty nerve wracking thing!  Luckily I think it worked out well this time.


I added a tiny leather tag and one of my favorite metal tags to the band as well.  I really appreciate little details and hope they make the sweatshirt look less ‘homemade’.


Charlie’s pants are the new Lexi and Lou Loungers from Made for Mermaids.  I did the jogger version and love them so much!  They come together so quickly.  I needed to print a new size for him anyways so I thought I’d give a new pattern a try.  Since he lives in his joggers, I think a variety of patterns is great to have.


He was instantly in love with these pants and refused to take them off after.  I’m pretty sure he’d still be wearing them, five days later, if I’d let him!


This shoot was a lot of fun.  My dad is an excellent photographer and I think my love for photography comes from him.  He was interested to see how these shoots go and what I do with my camera settings and such.  Little did he know I’m just about clueless when it comes to my camera and I just shoot and shoot and hope for some good ones.  We hit golden hour at one of my favorite spots.  Between great models, beautiful location, and gorgeous light this shoot turned out to be a favorite for sure!



My dad has convinced me to get out of my comfort zone and sew more for others.  I love how happy (and handsome!) he looks in this!  That’s the best reward ever!


I’ll leave you with this pic- straight out of a fashion magazine 😉  I love how they’re channeling their inner super models.  Perfection!


Love Notions Thomas Track Pants


There’s exciting things happening in the Love Notions Pattern world.  Kelly has joined Tami as an assistant designer and has just released her first pattern!  I love working with Kelly and know she’s been after a great track pant pattern for ages.  So it was obvious they should be her inaugural pattern.

(This post contains affiliate links.  Purchasing through these links provides me a small commission that I use to keep up fabric hoarding obsession.)


The Thomas Track Pants are so full of options!  You’ve got to check out Kelly’s ah-mazing cover pair.  Pockets, colorblocking, and hem zippers make them perfect for your little athletes.  They come in sizes 2t-14 and I’m thinking my teenage soccer players need some too!


Charlie asked for some cozy pajama pants and picked out this plush fleece for his first pair.  After trying them on he declared them soooo soft and comfy and had to wear them to school that day.  So they may have started out as pj’s but have become his go-to pants whenever they are clean.  This is the basic no pocket, solid version.  They’re a super quick sew and the perfect fit!


I made Charlie a couple Moto Maxx tops and he needed a pair of track pants to match too!  This version features the cool colorblocking.  I skipped the other bells and whistles which made these another quick sew.  I used the much sought after oatmeal french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics with some olive heathered french terry (also from RCF but currently out of stock) for the accent.   His top is also made with RCF cotton lycra jersey (so soft!).

Just in case you need the perfect top to go with your new track pants, I can’t recommend the Moto Maxx enough!  I love being able to mix and match prints and that shoulder detail is too cool.  Boys clothing can be boring but not with this pattern!

I’m so excited for Kelly to be joining the design team and to be dreaming up more boy patterns.  I love sewing for this kid and know Kelly will do some fantastic things!


I’ll leave you with this gem.  He’s pretty convinced that ‘matching’ means wearing head to toe of the same color.  He just had to wear his new shades and I think he’s doing his best to intimidate you into grabbing this pattern!  I know you’ll love it as much as he does!


Favorite Patterns Valentine Style


I’ve been loving stocking my kids closets with warm, comfy sweatshirts.  They are the first things they reach for all winter long.


This guy outgrew his beloved flannel front Samson Sweater and it was about time he got a new version.  The Samson Sweater (affiliate link- I get a small kickback if you purchase through Love Notions links in this post) has tons of options- crewneck, hoodie, button-front cardigan.  This simple relaxed raglan style is such a great fit.  I absolutely love this Mammoth Plaid Flannel/charcoal french terry combo (all fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics).  I didn’t make any modifications to use this woven as the front piece and the fit is fantastic!


My oldest daughter got another Sloane Sweater (affl. link) because we can’t get enough cute sweatshirts!  I took the same plaid flannel and cut a simple heart.  I serged the edges then edgestitched it on.  It was looking a little too plain jane so my Cricut came to the rescue.  In five minutes flat we had the ‘love’ cut and ironed on!  I think it’s the perfect finishing touch!


This cute fabric combo just jumped into my arms during my last trip into Raspberry Creek.  I sewed up a new Toaster Sweater for me in this pretty quilted knit (coming soon to the blog too!) and I couldn’t waste any of it!  I sewed up another favorite pattern- the Hey June Hatteras Hoodie view B.  It’s one of my go-to patterns when I want to do a little color-blocking.  I mixed in the Salmon Dots in french terry and Light grey french terry for bands and I’m loving this fun fabric mix!  I modified the pattern just a bit by doing an extended cowl neckline.  I simply used the band length and widened the width to 6″ to give it a cute slouchy turtleneck look.  It’s an extra cozy addition!


A little girl in pink polka dots just kills me!

My kids should be set in the sweatshirt department for awhile!

Valentine’s Sewing with Raspberry Creek Fabrics


I’ve been sewing a ton for my kiddos lately and it’s about time they all made it to the ol’ blog.  Today I’ll share all the lovely, cozy goodies that I’ve done with some of the newest fabrics to hit Raspberry Creek Fabrics.


I hope you’re planning on sewing a couple of projects for Valentine’s because Raspberry Creek has got your fabric needs covered!


This pretty floral french terry was so fun to pair with other coordinates in the shop.  I used the Metro Pullover from Sew Straight and Gather.  I love the cowl option and all the opportunities it has for color blocking.  I paired it with the mint stripes, mint dots, and light grey french terry.


Big sis fell in love with this fun springy gingham.  I used the Janie Dress from Mouse House Creations and love, love this darling dress!


Little Bro was loving this ‘Tic Tac Toe’ fabric- I loved how convinced he was that it’s not just x’s and o’s!  With a little solid white and black jersey and a darling cut file from Thread and Grain, this basic Jolly Roger Raglan turned out too cute!

Such a fun line right?!!  And in true RCF fashion the new prints just keep coming…


The newest Minimalist line is simple and clean in black and white.  These two cute cousins love their new tops.


Cute Hank buddy is wearing a School Bus Tee in handrawn triangle jersey.  I’d say it’s a winner!


Charlie got another Jolly Roger Raglan- this time I sized up and did a crossover hood and kangaroo pocket.  This pattern is just about all I need to keep this kid in tops- cozy sweatshirt, fun tee, it does it all! In plush french terry it’s too good!


This little miss is sporting another Janie Dress in Paint Splatter jersey.


And how cute is this print paired with the red polka dots on this sweetie?!!

That’s a lot of cute kids and fabric!  Sorry if you’re sweet tooth is aching!  Make sure to stop by tomorrow for a few more kid project!


2017 Hits and Misses: Kid Edition


I get so much pure JOY from sewing for my children.  I love creating unique, fun clothing that suits their personalities and body types.  In 2017 I sewed more for my kids than ever.  I thought it’d be fun to share some of our favorite most worn pieces as well as those that just didn’t work for us.  Let’s start with the good stuff!

PS- I’ve left off affiliate links in the post because I want you to know I honestly love and use these patterns.  Links to the blog posts describing each piece may contain affiliate links though since I’m not going back and editing them 😉

1- A Tie for the oldest


I rarely sew for my oldest but this tie was too perfect for him.  Floral ties are a huge trend here and he’s worn this tie constantly.  This Cotton + Steel print was the perfect scale too.  Anytime he actually wears something I made him, I do a little happy dance inside.

(I used this free pattern from Purl Soho for this tie.)

2- Love Notions Sloane Sweaters

These basic tops just get worn- simple as that.  I let them pick the fabric 95% of the time and this time it paid off.  That camo/blush sweater is one of my favorite combos ever!  The options with this pattern are amazing and I will continue to fill their closets with them!

3- Raglans


Raglans are such a staple around here- like I feel like a make a new one at least once a week.  My go-to patterns are the Jolly Roger Raglan from Patterns for Pirates (with the add-on pack for extra cuteness!) and the Camden Raglan from Hey June for my girls.  They are so quick to sew and perfect for all the Raspberry Creek knits I love so much.  Add in the fact that they’re perfect for adding a little vinyl to the front and these are the best tops for really showcasing their personalities and style.  Looking at this fun collage gives me the itch to sew up a couple of more- the fact that these are almost instant gratification means I just might too!

4- Dresses

My favorite thing to sew my girls are dresses.  There are just so many different patterns out there and I feel like I want to try them all!   Whether I’m looking for a quick sew or want to take my time and really enjoy the sewing process, there’s a dress for that.  These were our favorites from this year:

Clockwise from Top left: Polina Dress, Avenue Dress, Adelyn, Wendy, Isabel, Larkspur, and Joy.

Do you see a bit of a theme?  Looks to me like we like things simple and sweet.  Tiny details like jewels, ruffles, and bows take them to the next level while still keeping things clean and classic.

5- Swimsuits

Oh swimsuits, how I love thee!  Just looking at these pictures makes me miss the sunshine and lazy days at the pool.  In the slew of suits that I sewed this year, these were the ones that they reached for again and again.  The Mermaid Shores collection just blew my mind- so many darling options!  And that men’s suit for my oldest- labor of love that truly paid off.


I hate sharing these because it does feel like broadcasting my failures for all to see.  For the most part these are not pattern issues, just things that didn’t really fit into our lifestyle or sizing/fabric choices were off.  It’s great for me to look back on these to really see what gets worn, what designers fit my kids best, and what to sew in the future.

1- Camo Overalls


Guys, I love these and her styling here.  This is the one and only time she wore them… Not girly enough for this princess.  She’s all about comfort so I was hopeful but these were definitely not her style.  These are already in the donation pile.

2- Knit Dresses/Skirts for the oldest

These have nothing to do with fabric choice or patterns and everything to do with what she likes to wear.  She swears she will wear dresses to school but never truly does.  These knit pieces just sit in her closet sadly.  I’m convinced the dress on the right will get worn again come spring (hello, it’s a raglan!) because she does really love it but she has too much of her mom in her.  I make knit dresses all the time thinking how cute I’ll be wearing them everyday but guess what?  They’re sitting at the back of my closet too!

3- Fiesta too much Fun

This dress was born with the photoshoot in mind.  I’ve decided that those garments are usually the ones that don’t get worn.  When my photographer side takes over the practical sewist side, dresses like this happen.  It’s a super fun dress and I think it pairs well with the fabric but it’s just not all that wearable.  It’s too over the top for church and she’s not invited to too many fiestas at age eight…  Pieces like this are what I want to avoid in the future.  I really started to analyze my projects, especially for blog tours.  I get caught up in the pretty fabrics and pictures and need to focus more on wear-ability.

Do you like to look back on your past sewing projects?  It’s so nice to learn what actually works and where you can improve.  It’s great to find the designers that you gravitate too and what fabrics work for your lifestyle.

Stay tuned for my own highs and lows next week!


Love Notions Bash and a couple new Forte’s to celebrate!


Love Notions is celebrating!  Hop over to the blog for tons of pattern hacks all week and a chance at so many fun prizes!

To celebrate Love Notions is having it’s best sale of the year- 50% off ALL PATTERNS through October 27th.  You can grab patterns for you, your teens and tweens, little girls, boys, almost everyone in the family is covered.  I’d thought I’d share some of my favorites with you in case you needed a little help decided which one to grab!


It’s no secret that I love my Love Notions Patterns.  I am an Ambassador but my journey began as a tester.  I had tested for multiple designers when I started testing for Tami.  I couldn’t believe how thorough and attentive she is.  She really listens to testers and makes adjustment after adjustment to get the fit just right for everyone.  I love that our voices are heard and that she is willing to do multiple revisions based off our feedback.  I especially love that she sews right along with us, usually ending up with dozens of prototypes by the time the pattern is released.  She uses trimless pages which make printing out and piecing together new patterns a breeze- so quick!  I was thrilled that her patterns fit a huge range of sizes- her women’s patterns start at XS and go to XXXL and most of her children’s patterns start at 2T and go up to a 16.  This was huge for my kids as I have teens and tweens that are super hard to find patterns for.  I always go off my measurements (you might find you are a smaller size than you’re used to) and have great fitting garments.  Safe to say after a few pattern tests I was hooked.


I became an affiliate AFTER I realized I was constantly referring fellow sewists to her patterns.  I knew I could confidently recommend each one and figured I could make a little change on the side to pay for fabric for the next pattern test.  This post contains affiliate links meaning that by purchasing through them I earn a small kickback (which no doubt goes to my fabric stash).   As an Ambassador I am happy to answer any questions you may have and I will continue to spread the word about all things Love Notions!


In honor of the bash I’m sharing two new Fortes.  I was on vacation during most of the testing of this pattern.  I whipped up a version C as I was packing and wore it multiple times during our trip.  Stripes and a sleeve flounce were all I needed to feel chic while sight seeing! I couldn’t wait to get home and make more.


I came home and quickly made a couple more version C’s- one tee and one dress hack.  I also made a version B for my mom and love how quickly these come together (and the fact that there are soooo many options!).  This tee is a double brushed poly and is left unhemmed.  I love, love it styled with my Canyon Cardigan.


I’d been dreaming of a simple dress using this view and it was such an easy hack.  I measured how long I wanted it and just extended the side seams straight down.  I originally thought I’d need more width through the hips and knees and had done an a-line extension.  The extra width was more frumpy than cute so I took it off and love the final result.


I also raised the neckline on this one an inch and a half.  I prefer almost a crewneck look and Tami is a scoop neckline kinda gal.  She’s gotten me to branch out and I usually love the results but will alter the neckline now and then.

Are you ready for some more of our favorites? The Miss Mary Mack is one that I reach for over and over when I want to pair a couple different fabrics.  It’s such a sweet little girls top that can be worn year-round.

The Li’l Laundry Day Tee is also a huge hit.  A knit dress full of options that works for both school and church is something that get worn a ton!  With all the neckline and sleeve choices my girls can totally customize their dresses exactly how they want them.

For my boys the Moto Maxx set is essential.  Every fall I sew up a new batch for my youngest.  They are perfect for running and playing and the extra layer at the knee gives them a much longer life than his normal sweatpants.

Fun boy patterns are hard to find so you might like the Vanguard Kit as well.  Both these boy patterns come with top and bottom patterns and for $6 that’s quite the steal.  The colorblocking on the Vanguard tee takes all the guess work out of doing it yourself and those cargo pants are perfect for all his treasures.


Now for ladies, I’ll give you my top five must haves (ok- counting the Forte it’s six but they’re on sale so I’m really ‘saving’ you money, right?!).  The Bluezette is just a winner guys.  There are two bodice styles, five skirt options and three sleeve lengths which means you could make a dozen and have a different dress each time.  This dress has gotten so much wear because it flatters and in this double brushed poly I honestly never want to take it off.

These four tops were made from the same versatile pattern- the Terra Tunic.  The Terra is full of options- hood, funnel, scoop, v-neck, asymmetrical, and boat-neck necklines and multiple sleeve choices too.  It’s a great basic pattern that lends itself to easy hacking.  The leopard print sweater is simply cropped a few inches and you can find my hack for the peplum top here on the Love Notions Blog.

The Boyfriend Cardigan is definitely my most worn piece in my wardrobe.  That charcoal grey french terry version in the middle there gets worn almost daily.  I just leave it out and if there’s the slightest chill in the air I grab that baby.  It’s comfortable and I feel like it’s a step up from my ratty hoodie.  There is also a girls version and I think my daughter is developing a very similar relationship to hers!


I’ve got extra love for this pattern since it was the first pattern I ever tested for Love Notions.  Look how much my little girly has grown!

My next go-to pattern is the La Bella Donna Top and Tunic.  This is another pattern that comes in girls sizing too.  It’s a versatile dolman sleeve top that is full of options (are you sensing a theme here?  LN patterns are usually loaded with tons of options in each pattern, something I always look for!).  There are cowl, hoodie and boat neck options along with multiple sleeve lengths.  For my striped version I widened my cowl for a cute chunky look.  I love this pattern for everyday tees too and after comparing MANY dolman patterns this one remains the winner.

Last but not least is the Sybil Illusion Skirt.  This is the ULTIMATE knit skirt pattern.  Really, buy this one and you won’t ever need another skirt pattern ever!  There’s a box pleat, a-line, pencil, swing, drop yoke, asymmetrical wrap, and gored options and all come in knee or midi lengths.  There’s an optional control top waistband panel and best thing- no closures!  Wait, the real best thing is actually POCKETS!  I can’t live without them!  These skirts come together so easily and are perfect for dressing up or down.


K, are you ready to do some shopping?  If you want more in-depth reviews of any Love Notions patterns you can use the search function on my blog to bring up all my past LN makes or click the Love Notions tag at the end of this post.  There are so many other patterns to choose from you really can’t go wrong with any of them.  Happy Shopping!


Sewing for Kindergarten Blog Tour


Man, oh man!  The day I have been waiting for FOREVER has finally come.  My youngest baby started kindergarten!  My emotions are all over the place but one huge positive thing is I get to join in the Sewing for Kindergarten Blog Tour.  I’ve been following this tour since the beginning and it’s super exciting to be joining in this year.


I think we all are a little torn seeing our youngest head off into the big world without us.  It’s hard knowing that this is where it all starts.  With one in high school I know all to well how quickly it goes by.  There were definitely tears shed on his first day.  Such a bittersweet moment in time.

This photoshoot reminded me what a fun age this is.  In some pictures he’s channeling his inner teenager (like the one above, hello!).  In others he’s giggling like a little boy, carefree and innocent.  I love watching him navigate the world of friends, rules, responsibilities, and life.  I’m taking it all in- trying to freeze as many of these moments as possible.


It just about kills me that this little guy isn’t by my side 24/7- now it’s just 22/7, haha!  I was dreaming of lazy afternoons watching tv, eating chocolate, and sewing like crazy.   Who knew that two hours would fly by in a matter of seconds?!


This kid is all about comfort, I think every kid is at this age.  I did a mix and match look with five coordinating pieces, all knit for extra softness.  Here we paired a Jolly Roger Raglan  from Patterns for Pirates with a sweet pair of Mini Hudson Pants from True Bias.  Both of these patterns are staples and I think I can make them with my eyes closed at this point.  They’re just classic pieces that can be paired with so much.


The raglan features a darling cut file from Thread and Grain.  This kiddo is Future Class President material for sure!  I used a fat quarter from Spoonflower for the sleeves- he picked the print himself and has been so excited for his new tee.


The Hudson pants are done in a subtle houndstooth that I had set aside for myself- luckily there’s enough left for me too!  I love this print and the hipster vibe it brings.

Here they’re paired with a Fighter Tee from Handmade Boy and an Aztec Vest from See Kate Sew.  (And yes, he is blowing spit bubbles.  I told you he’s still all boy!)


The Fighter Tee is such a fun spin on a loose fit t-shirt with panels that run from the sleeve down the side.  I used the perfect boy print- a limited Halloween print from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  I know the spiderwebs will be a hit year-round!


The Aztec Vest is such a quick, cute layering piece.  I sewed this one up in french terry from Raspberry Creek.  I had this zipper in my stash and I had to giggle when he saw it and exclaimed, “A golden zipper?!! Yesss!”  It doesn’t take much to make him happy!  I simplified the construction even more by omitting the pockets making this such a fast sew.


His final piece is the Moto Maxx pants (affl. link) from Love Notions.  I can’t say enough good things about this pattern.  They’re comfy and cute and the extra layer at the knee not only adds to the cool factor it also makes them extra durable.  So perfect for busy little boys!


I’m loving all the prints in these looks.  I tend to stick with stripes and solids with my boys, mainly because cute boy prints are so hard to find.  These prints though are right up my alley- not too childish and so easy to mix into the rest of his wardrobe.


Thanks for stopping by my little stop on the tour.  Make sure you head to these other amazing bloggers- I can’t believe we all have kiddos starting kindergarten this year!  What a fun milestone to share!