Dive into Dolmans Round-up Review


Can you believe the end is here?  I’ve had such a blast with my co-bloggers and have learned so much.  Did you pick a favorite pattern?  Maybe find a couple you just HAD to have?

Here’s a little run-down of what we reviewed:

Diving Into Dolmans Week 1

Sewing By Ti- Sew Much Ado Seafarer
Creative Counselor- Sewing Cake’s The Tee
Sew Sophie Lynn- Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice
Made By Melli- Patterns for Pirates Sweet Tee

Guest blogger: Rebel and Malice- Jalie Dolman #3352

Diving Into Dolmans Week 2

Sewing By Ti- Create Kids Couture Donna’s Dolman
Creative Counselor- Blue Dot Patterns Georgia
Sew Sophie Lynn- EYMM Kymy’s Dolman

Guest bloggers: Rebel and Malice- Kzjo Poppy
Adventures with Bubba and Bug- Little Kiwi’s Closet Take Flight Dolman

Diving Into Dolmans Week 3

Sewing By Ti- Peekaboo Sunkissed Tee
Creative Counselor- Seamwork Aberdeen
SewSophieLynn– Hey June Aurora
Made by Melli-Peekaboo Sunkissed Tee

Guest Bloggers: Sew Far North – EYMM Assymetrical Top
Adventures with Bubba and Bug- Seamingly Smitten Dolman Sleeve Sweater with Assymmetrical Collar
Dos Natural Sistas- Hey June Aurora

Diving Into Dolmans Week 4

Sewing by Ti: Jalie #3352 Dolman
Creative Counselor: Maria Denmark Olivia Oversized Tee
SewSophieLynn- Itch to Stitch Carey
Made by Melli – Shwin Day Tripper

Guest Blogger: Sew Far North – Seamingly Smitten Women’s Dolman Sleeve Sweater
Mahlica Designs: Fancy Tiger One Hour Top

Diving Into Dolmans Week 5

Sewing By Ti: Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice
Creative Counselor: EYMM Natasha
SewSophieLynn- Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee

Guest bloggers: Sew Far North – Nap Time Creations Easy Breezy Summer Tee
Lulu & Celeste: Shwin Day Tripper

Diving Into Dolmans Round Up

Sewing By Ti
Creative Counselor
Sew Sophie Lynn

Guest Bloggers: Bubba and Bug


I love seeing them all together- what a variety of fits and features! All dolmans are definetely not created equal.

To check out my other beloved dolmans you can head here.


Ready to see my picks?  Drumroll please….

My surprise favorite is …


The Itch to Stitch Carey Top!  I love, love this top!  It’s not super versatile (like, I think people will catch on if I were to sew up a dozen and wear them everyday) BUT I will make more for sure.  I really want a light woven version for summer.  The gathered arms are just so fantastic and unique and really elevate this pattern.

Most comfortable goes to…


The Mandy Boat Tee from Tessuti.  It’s such a cute, comfy silhouette and very easy to wear.  Not the most flattering but most days I don’t really care 😉

The one I’m most anxious to sew up again is…


The Hey June Aurora Tee.  I love the side colorblock option with this pattern and definitely need to try it.  I also want an easy-breezy short sleeve version for summer. Adrianna recently posted the cutest slouchy Aurora tee hack here that I’m dying to try  too.

Most flattering goes to…


EYMM Kymy’s Dolman.  My poor little chest and lack of waist gets camouflaged great in this silhouette.  I’d love to try the side rouching option for even more belly hiding.  I think in a drapier fabric it will be even better!

My cool weather staple will be…


the Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Patterns for Pirates.  I love the silhouette of this tee with the long sleeves.  The volume up top with a fitted sleeve and waist works wonders on my frame too.  I will definitely be making more of these when the weather cools down.

My go-to staples will remain the same…


Sew Much Ado’s Seafarer Top is so quick and I love the slim fit of it.  It’s the perfect basic top for me.


Shwin’s Daytripper Top is another go-to that I can’t give up- pockets in a top are genius!  I’ve even hacked this one into my favorite loose-fitting maxi dress.  It’s just so good!


The Love Notions La Bella Donna Top is so super flattering and could potentially dethrone my other got-to’s.  I need to make a short sleeve version stat but I absolutely adore my long sleeve ones.

K- are you feeling overwhelmed?  That’s a lot of dolmans, right there!  The great thing about the pdf world is that there is something for everybody.  I certainly loved following my co-bloggers on this adventure and even with my abundance of dolman patterns I think I may pick up a couple of their favorites too.  Dolmans are so versatile and each pattern has it’s own unique fit and options that I hope you found the perfect pattern (or two…or ten!).

A HUGE thank you to the designers who so willingly gave patterns for this series and to the other bloggers who worked so hard each week.  Thanks Ti for letting me join in the fun.

And thank ya’ll for following along! I hope to see you around here again soon!

Dive into Dolmans-EYMM Kymy


It’s Thursday!  That means I’ve got another dolman coming your way!  Didn’t you love seeing everyone’s last week?!!  This week promises to be just as good so make sure you click on over…

Sewing By Ti
Creative Counselor
Made By Melli

Guest bloggers: Rebel and Malice
Adventures with Bubba and Bug


I’m super excited to bring you another new to me pattern- EYMM Kymy’s Dolman Top.


It’s a super basic dolman and I did the most basic version of it.  Here’s all the glorious details:

Sizes  XS-5X
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version  a million 😉 actually there are three styles and each style prints between 18-24 pages making 66 pages total- no copy shop version
Skill Level  Beginner
Measurements for Rectangle Pieces  Yes
Line Drawings  Yes
Size made  Small with Medium length
Options chosen  View B
Fabric Requirement for your size  1 yard
Measurement Chart  chest, waist, hip, shoulder to hip
Cutting Instructions  Yes
Pattern Printing Layout  Yes
Cutting Layout  No
Suggested Fabrics  Knits with 25% or more stretch
Layer Printing Option  No
Neck Line Options  No but there are tips to alter it
Sleeve Options  No
Hem Options  Hi-lo, band, tunic, basic
Color Blocking  no
Seam Allowance  3/8″
Hem Allowance  1/2″
Separate add-on pack  no
Fit  Very loose and slightly more fitted at waist
Easy to read instructions  Yes
Drawing or photograph instructions  Photographs


Not mentioned in the table above is the fact that this pattern comes with an option to ruche the side seam- a great maternity option or just to help camouflage a bit of belly. I didn’t pick that option but loved the ones in the listing.


I used this cotton/lycra from Raspberry Creek Fabrics (my go-to for almost all my solid knits).  Cotton lycra is recommended in the pattern but I think it would look better in something with a bit more drape.


My biggest issue is with the sleeve in this knit.  It’s got a bit too much body, making the sleeve gape.  I think I’d need to wear a tank under to feel like I wasn’t flashing the world every time I raised my arms.


The neck is a wide boat neck and she does give directions on how to bring it in a touch.  I may have to do that on my next one.  Yep, I do think I’d make this again. It’s a fun silhouette and I’d love to try the side ruching on my next one, probably in something a little flowier.  It’s such a quick sew and makes a great basic top.  The size range of this pattern is pretty incredible too.  It’s suggested to go up or down a size depending on the look you want.  In different fabrics, sizes, and bottom hem options you could fill your closet with these and no one would know they all came from the same pattern.


I’m really loving the dolman’s ability to add a little volume up top and also help define my waist.  Maybe dolman’s are a rectangles best friend 😉

Katie reviewed the Kymy here and I’m loving her version too!  It’s great to see the same pattern on different bodies!


And here’s a little sneak peek at tomorrow’s post. I’m happy to be joining in another EYMM blog tour, this time featuring the Capsule Skirt.  See you then…