Call Ajaire’s Ruffled Arch Skirt


I had a chance to test for Ajaire again so of course I jumped on it.  With summer winding down I knew my sewing time was limited so I choose to do the simple version of her newest pattern, the Ruffled Arch Skirt.  I had a remnant of this striped twill that fit the pieces perfectly with no room to spare.  It was a sign that it just had to become this skirt, I couldn’t ignore it.


The view of the pattern I did was simple and quick to sew.  The skirt is a cute a-line with a waistband facing and elastic in the back, creating a sleek front.  This version will be a wardrobe staple for sure.


The main view of this pattern is so darling with a cute little ruffle back.  The other testers versions were so adorable.  I love patterns that offer multiple views so you can use them again and again.  You can check out Ajaire’s and get the link to the pattern here.


Sometimes I catch this one on a good day and she kills these little photo shoots.  She’s just started first grade and it has been torture not having my partner in crime with me in the afternoons.  She has the best giggle and just is always so happy.  She’s missing so many teeth and I can’t stop taking pictures of that cute smile.  She just got a ‘first grade’ haircut that I’m sure will be making it’s debut on here real soon.  Love this girl of mine!

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