Heidi and Finn Cocoon Dress (x2 of course)


Can I just shout from the rooftops how much I love, love, love this pattern?!!!!  This is the Heidi and Finn Cocoon Dress and it is my new favorite thing, EVER!


It’s got such a fun silhouette and is so simple and classic at the same time.  It’s got sleeves and is a modest length, too! And the kicker for me is that it’s FAST, like start to finish in an hour fast!  Can I just make Cocoon dresses for the rest of my life, please?!!


My obsession began with an early morning vision of the cute, quilted knit version.  I’ve had the fabric, from Raspberry Creek, since Spring and have always pictured it as a hoodie or sweatshirt.  That is until that fateful morning…

cocoon8 cocoon9

Sophie’s birthday was coming up so I whipped it up that morning and had little sis try it on after school (the benefits of having all the same measurements but height).  Well, Payton fell in love with it too (Can you blame her?) and this corduroy version was sewn up for her.


She picked the zipper out of my stash- she’s a sucker for hearts.


You know how I feel about pockets…

cocoon2 cocoon1


And that fabric?  Just another great find from Hobby Lobby.


Sophie opened her dress on her birthday morning and immediately put it on to wear to school.  She totally thought I’d bought it and was thrilled by how soft and cozy it is!



I adore the zipper on this one!


cocoon12 cocoon13

She came home from school and ditched the leggings and threw on her jean jacket and looked too darn cute I made her take more pics.  It may or may not have been raining but she was such a great sport!

cocoon21 cocoon22

cocoon19 cocoon20

Can’t wait to make a million more… I’m thinking a french terry version would be fantastic.  Oh, or I’ve got a plaid corduroy that would be great for the holidays.  Or a simple denim one?  How will I ever decide?!!!

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