Love Notions Laundry Day Tee


I love me a quick and easy sew.  A t-shirt you can whip up faster than you can do a load of laundry?  I’m all over that!


When Tami at Love Notions (affiliate link) came up with this breezy, easy tee I was so excited to sew one up.


I’d love to live in leggings but I need LONG shirts to be able to cover my rear. I’m not one for the leggings as regular pants thing.  A tunic or long sweater is a MUST! This tee is perfect!


This tee has seriously been missing in my life.  There are two different lengths- regular and tunic, and three sleeve lengths- short, 3/4, and long.  This is the 3/4 sleeve length that I added bands to.


Are you ready for the best part?  She’s offering this for FREE!  You heard that right, FREE, just join her Facebook Group for the code.   Then head over to her shop to pick up the pattern.  You might get distracted while you’re there and end up with a few more cute patterns in your cart 😉

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