Kids Clothes Week Part One


It’s that time of year again… Kids Clothes Week.  A week of devoting one hour a day to sewing for your kiddos.  And yes, around here every week is kids clothes week.


But for this one week it’s great to know that you’re sewing along with other moms all around the world.


I’ve been busy this week with more pattern tests that I’ll share with you next week.  I did get in a few quick sews that I’ve been dying to try.


First up is the Pistachio Tee by Sew Like My Mom.  This pattern has so, so many fun options and it’s been on my to-sew list since it came out.

I did a simple short sleeve version and used this fab Superhero fabric my cute sister sent to me.  There are options in the pattern for long sleeves, multiple elbow patches, colorblocking, and a cute peplum.


This little guy was under the weather and did NOT want his picture taken.  This picture just cracks me up!!


Big sis has been wanting to recreate her favorite ready-to-wear dolman top.  The La Bella Top (affl. link) from Love Notions was absolutely perfect for it.

Her first version we did a simple three quarter sleeve top version and doubled the bottom band width.  It’s exactly what she was hoping for and just had to wear it that night to a family gathering.


I love this girl’s style and her fabric choices and accessories!  Totally how I’d wear it!


On her second version we used Raspberry Creek Fabrics Navy Club dots to compliment a jersey knit from RCF also.

I love this version so much!  It’s so fun and casual.


I’m hoping to knock out a couple more things before the week ends. Any excuse to sew, right?!  Are you sewing along?

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