Hey June Sloan Leggings


I’ve never made my own workout gear and you better believe that if I’m going to do it I’m going to trust my pal Adrianna to give me a great pattern to get started.


The Sloan Leggings fit like a glove and I’m in love with the color blocking option!


I’ve been seriously jealous of my girls Dressage Leggings (here and here) and these are the perfect grown-up version.


Paired with my Aurora top, I’m ready to run.


My favorite feature of this pattern is the pocket in the waistband, perfect for holding my phone, keys, or whatever little essential I need.


All my fabric came from good ol’ Joann’s.  I’m really crushing on this paisley print so don’t be surprised if you see a swimsuit out of it too come summer.

Adrianna really is a genius, I tell ya’!  The day that I made these I had the chance to meet and hang out with the genius herself.  She is as sweet, humble, and genuine as a person can be.  I love that her online personality matched her cuteness in real life.  She’s a gem!


Now I better get off my bum and put my new outfit to good use!

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