Kids Clothes Week- Black and White Edition


This round of Kids Clothes Week has snuck up on me again.  It came at the perfect time though as this girly is in desperate need of some summer play clothes.


We’re beefing up on basics this week and we started with a few tees and a couple shorts.


Every year I make a batch of KID Shorts from Made Everyday.  I fell in love with this crazy print at Joann’s last year and these retro shorts were perfect for it.


I added 2 inches to the girls racer hemline.  Next time we will add an inch or two to the rise- my tall skinny girl is so hard to fit sometimes!


I love it paired with the new City Park tee that’s in testing from Hey June.


She got two of those this week so far and I’m sure they will become a summer staple.  When the pattern releases I’ll give you all the glorious details!


I used CLUB fabrics french terry to make a quick E+M Top #27 (a FREEEEEE pattern!).


It’s a super quick sew that I’ll for sure make again.  I’m not loving it in this thicker french terry but it’s super cozy and will definitely get worn.


I’ve got grown-up pattern testing going on but I’m hoping to squeeze in a few more things for little miss.  I’m really wishing KCW and the end of the school year were not coinciding- anyone else going crazy with end of the year madness?!!  My little guy is officially done today so there goes my kid free mornings. Naptime will be even more precious these days!

Make sure you check out the KCW blog to be blown away with inspiration- it’s my favorite!

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