Simple Summer Sewing


Ever look in your closet chuck full of clothes and have absolutely nothing to wear?!  Who hasn’t right?


This week I’m sharing a few of my favorite things to actually wear.  I love all my pattern testing and have lots of ‘date night’ or Sunday clothes but my everyday clothes have been seriously neglected.


I could live in maxi skirts!  I’ve got a few I self-drafted but this year I went ahead and made a few using the Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt Pattern.  I love that there are nine (yes nine!) length options.  I chose the regular maxi option.


There are options for different waistband heights but I always just make them as tall as I can (using every scrap of fabric left!).  I love to scrunch up the waistband or fold it over.


I love that the waistband works as a little magic tummy hider!


I seriously can’t get enough of these!  They are a breeze to sew and a breeze to wear.  I think I can do them in about twenty minutes.

I can dress them up for church too but more than likely come Sunday they are all in the wash!  I love, love them paired with my favorite v-neck tees for easy, summer dressing.

What’s your favorite everyday thing to wear?  Do you have a summer uniform?  Stay tuned tomorrow for a couple of my favorite tees and another of my new favorite pattern hacks!



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