Made for Mermaids Joy and Mama Joy


Made for Mermaids newest pattern in their Dreamy Collection is here.  The Joy and Mama Joy are classic knit dresses that will be perfect for every occasion.


The Joy features a fitted bodice and a full pleated skirt with multiple skirt and sleeve lengths.


It mashes perfectly with the other dresses is the Dreamy Collection.  I mashed the Noelle top with the pleated peplum of the Joy and love this top!


It looks fantastic in a variety of knits.  I used stretch velvet for my maxi version and also for the Noelle mash.  The floral is a fun scuba knit that really showcases the pleats.




We’re really struggling with pictures lately as it’s been so gloomy and it gets dark so early these days.  I’m afraid blog pics for the next few months are going to be less than stellar- already looking forward to spring and sunny days!

We headed to the mountains for this shoot and my oldest took the pics. It was fun but freeeeezing!  The snow falling is a little help from Photoshop but we missed the real snowfall by just a few minutes.  My girls have gotten to be such troopers with their crazy mom.  Since November, I’ve been paying them for shoots under the condition that they use the money for Christmas presents.  They’ve been more eager and it’s been fun to see them spend their earnings on their siblings and other family.  I’m hoping that after Christmas they’ll go back to being happy with a chocolate or other special treat- wish me luck!

I could see this being my go-to dress for this one.  It fits perfectly, has pockets, and she will die if I make her a maxi version.  This dress and that fabric really just make me so happy!  It was one of those projects that when I finished I was totally tempted to check her out of school just to see it on her… tell me I’m not the only one that gets that excited.

I knew this blue velvet was meant for this little lady.  She’s worn this top to school and it just suits her so well.  I love that hi-low peplum and that collar is so timeless.

I want to love my dress, I really do.  It’s about as comfy as it gets but it really doesn’t flatter me.  It’s not the dress design so much as my indulging in a little too much holiday cheer and not enough hitting the gym.  It’s also the fabric choice for sure.  Velvet shows every little bump and works well in a looser silhouette for me.

It’s a little better styled with a scarf or a belt.

I also made a peplum top in ponte but will definitely size up next time.  This top was my first version in my normal size and the maxi is one size above what I normally wear in M4M.

I will for sure make more though.  I think Liverpool would be a great fabric choice or even a thicker ponte with a bit more stretch.  I placed a big order for fabric all with this pattern in mind!

You can pick up your patterns individually here and here or grab the bundle since you know you’ll want to be matchy-matchy!