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When this blog tour was thrown out there I immediately wanted to join.  In the back of my head I have this huge fear that one day my kids won’t want me to sew for them.  My big boys request things here or there but really don’t wear them a lot.  They didn’t grow up with me sewing much for them though.  My girls on the other hand have been in handmade since they were toddlers.  I think I’d be heartbroken if one day they said to me, “Mom, please can’t we just go to the mall for all my clothes now?!”  For now, I love that they come to me with items they want me to sew or pull fabric they want made up.  It just makes my creative heart happy!

PicMonkey Collage

This little miss is the reason I dusted off my sewing machine after years of neglect.  It was so fun to sew for a tiny girl.  It didn’t take very much fabric or time and she would happily wear it-mistakes and all.   I started with easy paper patterns or simple upcycling projects.  I followed all the good sewing blogs and loved when the bloggers started doing patterns too!  My little Sophie loved to help pick fabric and was always such a willing model.  It was so much fun looking through pictures of her ‘growing up handmade’.


For this tour I wanted to showcase some of my favorite tween friendly makes.  Sophie recently requested more joggers and leggings because she now ‘hates’ jeans.  I love it when she wants easy to sew pieces!


I made five pieces that can be mixed and matched a bit.  We threw in her denim jacket and she now has three or four cute new outfits.

This first piece is by one of my favorite designers- Adrianna from Hey June.  I love when designers kids are my kids ages because then they usually continue to design for them as they grow.  The Hey Junior Line is the perfect basic patterns.  The City Park Tee is a staple in our house so of course I needed to add it to the mix.  This is done a size up to wear with leggings in gorgeous cotton/lycra from Raspberry Creek Fabric.


Shwin Designs has always been another favorite in our house.  I love the hip, original designs!  The Studio Top and Dress can be made in woven or knit which makes it so versatile and perfect for my girls.  They have almost outgrown Shwin’s regular patterns but lucky me- Shauna has launched a new B side line for tweens and teens!  I sewed up the largest size in this one in a beautiful blush cotton/lycra from Raspberry Creek.  This top was her favorite piece and she squealed when she saw it!  There will be many more of these in her closet for sure!


For bottoms I wanted a pair of leggings with a twist.  The Peony Leggings from Sew Like My Mom were just what I was after.  They have a fun side stripe that can be plain or ruched.  These were going to be ruched but my sewing machine and double brushed poly were not being friends.  Luckily my serger is pals with the fabric and she still got her leggings.

Sew Like My Mom also has a tween line that we adore. The Boxwood Joggers and Fern Cardigan get worn so much here!  I need to grab the Apricot Dolman when I get a chance too!


To fulfill her jogger dreams I used the True Bias Mini Hudson Pant pattern.  She’s had a dozen or so of these and I know they fit her well.  This is a size 8 with 10 length- size 10 is the largest size so I’ll be sad to see her grow out of this pattern.  I’m not too worried though because my trusty Brassie Joggers start at an XXS/24″ waist.  This fabric is a pretty french terry that I picked up from So Sew English I believe.  So Sew English has a TON of pretty floral french terry.


Lastly I did a Pattern for Pirates Butterfly Cardigan.  P4P is a great place for tween patterns.  Their kids patterns usually go to a 14 and their adult patterns start at XXS, covering every size you need!  They carry lots of basics and some really trendy designs too.  I love her sister’s company Made For Mermaids for the same reasons.  For this cardi I used a super soft french terry from Stylish Fabric,  Stylish Fabrics has so many solid french terry colors to choose from- this seafoam is heavenly!

We mixed and matched these pieces for lots of stylish, comfortable looks that will get worn over and over again!  Perfect for school and playing soccer in the backyard after school, too.


I tried my hardest to pick patterns that I stand by and truly love- leaving affiliate links out of this post so you know I really support and love these patterns.  A few other designers that I feel are especially tween friendly are Love NotionsSew Straight and GatherPetite Stitchery, Chalk and Notch and Striped Swallow.  What are some of your favorites?  Any I should check out?  I plan on sewing for this girl forever so I’ll take all the suggestions I can get!

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  1. These are great! I love that peach top, too. I wish my oldest still liked pretty, girly things like that. Her style is so simple these days (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I do miss the ruffles!)


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