Orchid Midi Dress from Chalk and Notch


The Orchid Midi Dress from Chalk and Notch patterns is here!  Gabriela’s patterns are always much anticipated and there’s good reason.  The Orchid Dress is no exception.  I’m excited to be able to give a copy to one of my readers too!


The Orchid Dress is a woven faux wrap dress and features two different views.  I sewed up the long sleeve version as we are quickly moving into fall here.  The pattern comes in sizes 0-18 and I sewed up a size 6 without any modifications for reference.


I used a lovely mustard floral bubble crepe from Knitpop and am absolutely in love with how it turned out.  This fabric is ever so slightly sheer but the drape and weight were too perfect.  Wearing a slip easily solved the opacity problem and that color just gets me every time (be prepared for LOTS of mustard around these parts).


There is an optional step in the pattern to add a snap to the bodice to keep it closed.  I chose to hand tack my bodice shut and I love that I could pick just how high I wanted it to be.  I prefer more coverage and it was so easy to achieve with a quick little tack.  After our initial photo shoot I was also able to easily hand sew my slit closed about 4″.  This picture is just as the pattern calls for but it was a bit too high for me.  As a pattern tester, I usually try to make my version as the designer intended and make my own alterations afterwards.  In the future it will be an easy modification to make the slit hit at my knee as I prefer.


I have so many favorite parts about this pattern!  One of them is that bodice gathering.  I love it in the back and at the shoulders- such a great detail.


I’ve always steered clear of any kind of puff sleeve, thinking that they just accentuate my already broad shoulders.  This pattern has totally converted me!  I love the full sleeve and the slight gather at the top of the sleeve just adds to the dress’s femininity.


And you can’t forget about the pockets!  I can’t live without them and these are the perfect size- big enough for your cell phone, a chapstick, and whatever you need handy.


I’ve already worn this dress multiple times so I feel like a real testimonial is in order.  This dress just makes me feel pretty and like my best self.  I think that Gabriela’s patterns have a way of bringing out the best in the wearer and this dress truly exemplifies that.  I loved watching the testers dresses roll in and to see how lovely they looked on everyone.  I can’t wait to wear this dress any chance I get (if you happen to see me at church in this every Sunday pretend you don’t notice, mmkay?!).  The last piece that I sewed that made me feel this fantastic was my Cotton + Steel Fringe Dress that I’ve lovingly nicknamed my “pick-me-up” dress because I feel like I can conquer the world in it!

The Orchid Pattern is meant to pair and mix beautifully with the Parasol Jumpsuit from Ensemble Patterns as well.  You can grab these patterns at a discount in a bundle and individually for a limited time!  Do yourself a favor and sew yourself up a pretty new outfit.  You’ll feel like a rockstar, promise!

Want to win your own copy of the Orchid Midi Dress? Simply comment on this blog post with your favorite thing you’ve sewn that makes you feel like a sewing goddess.  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!  Winner will picked Monday October 8th.

41 thoughts on “Orchid Midi Dress from Chalk and Notch

  1. I’m just getting back into sewing and I’m loving the Indie patterns.,Always loved making dresses and jumpsuits. How special that this pattern can be combined to make both


  2. I also have a Fringe that makes me feel fantastic everything I look at it and wear it. It was one of those projects that just turned out perfect in every way. I LOVE this Orchid Midi on you! So pretty!


  3. This is SO good. Fabric, color, construction, pattern- everything!! Hmm- feel like a sewing goddess? I’m going to go with my last make for myself which just happened to be the Chalk and Notch Fringe top. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 I hope this is next! 😜


  4. This is so beautiful! I know I’m going to love every version I see! Love this fabric too! I have a few pieces that I’ve made that are the ones I pull out over and over because I feel great in them. Nothing special, but the Love Notions Margot pattern is probably top of that list for me 🙂


  5. Yours is amazing. I once made a weekender tote bag that still seems incredible because I had no idea what I was doing at the time and it took me weeks to finish.


  6. Oh I’d love to try make this Orchid wrap dress! I’ve seen n heard so much about the fringe dress, i would love to try a Chalk n Notch Pattern! My recent sew of the long cardi made me swish around like a boss, not so much a goddess🤣


  7. I totally approve of all the mustards! My Pemberley tops from Love Notions always pick me up. They really flatter my unique shape. Hope I win!


  8. What a beautiful dress! I love the bodice gathering. As a woman with a small bust, this is such a great detail and alternative to a dart which I find hard to place. My favourite piece I’ve sewn has to be my Kelly Anorak raincoat. It so good to feel stylish even in the rain pushing three kids under five around in the buggy. I’m excited to make more dresses in preparation for my return to part-time work in April. The Orchid Midi would be perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. I absolutely love the fabric you used for the Orchid Midi dress! It looks darling on you! I love sewing Made Everyday’s “Anywhere Skirt”. I love skirts and feel like a boss whenever I sew anything with buttonholes! Buttonholes = sewing goddess!!!


  10. This is a lovely version. I have yet to find anything I’ve made for myself that makes me feel like a sewing goddess. So I sew more for my kids and just tell everyone I made it. That makes me feel like a sewing goddess.


  11. Love, love, love this!!!! I haven’t been able to sew for ages, but this is so inspiring! I may have to get started again this weekend! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous handiwork!!


  12. I love your dress! That color makes me really happy; thanks for sharing and inspiring me! My favorite sew is my Joy Jacket from last spring. It’s the perfect weight for spring and fall and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.


  13. I am also a big fan of yoke gathers on tops and dresses. They are a nice, subtle hint of femininity.

    My “sewing goddess” project is a Justine skirt by Ready To Sew. (https://www.readytosew.fr/en/store/dresses-and-skirts/justine-free)

    Just looking at my finished skirt makes me so happy because it turned out exactly like I imagined it in my head, and I took my time in getting the fit and finishing just right. It is also incredibly comfortable – linen and rayon blend is fabulous! But I would like to try some bubble crepe soon, too. =)


  14. My latest goddess sew was the Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs. I never thought I could attempt something like that…but I did and just love it. I’m a huge jumpsuit fan and romper gal so finding something that is so convertible is a huge — that is why orchid & parasol together are so great!


  15. I love this dress so much! I think one of my favorite makes was a modified “Out and About” dress from about five years ago when I first started sewing for myself. I don’t even think the pattern is still available for purchase, but it was one of those perfect pattern, perfect fabric combos. And now I can’t wait to try this one!


  16. That dress is so beautiful for fall! The thing that has made me feel like a rock star are the basic knit shirts that I have made to fit ME!


  17. My latest make that makes me feel like I can do anything is the Joy jacket. No coincidence that these patterns come from the same pattern company! I love chalk and notch patterns and this one is so beautiful. I love your version so much.


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