Sisters are the BEST!


Growing up I was nine years older than my one and only sister.  I sure loved to mother and treat her like my own little baby but it wasn’t until we’d grown that she became one of my best friends.  I love that my girls are only 21 months apart and share that special bond already.


They couldn’t be more different personality wise but I think that helps them get along even better.


If you can’t tell, Sophie is more serious and reserved and Payton has some serious spunk!


Sophie is 8 going on 16 and Payton is happily 6 and still into dolls, playing pretend, and anything sweet and girly.



They had so much fun doing this shoot- our first real one with props and everything.  I know my indoor photos need a lot of work but it’s sure fun experimenting and learning along the way.  It’s a family affair as my husband helps jimmy-rig the backdrop up and is teaching me the ins and outs of the camera.  I really love being able to capture the kids personalities and share my latest creations.


My little super models are getting used to all the pics and for the right price ($1 a shoot as they save for Christmas) I think we all have fun in the process!


Those smiles!!!


I’m pretty sure Sophie is doing her best “Blue Steel” look here!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mad for Plaid Cocoon Dress


Dress number two for little sister has been in my head since I made these dresses.  I snatched up this super rad plaid corduroy last Christmas and it sat waiting- destined to become a cool retro Heidi and Finn Cocoon Dress.


The shape of this dress gets me every time!  It’s just so dang cute!

I used a size 6 graded out to an 8 length and I love where it hits.

And you’ve got to have pockets!  These are done out of houndstooth for a bit of contrast.


This dress just screams Cindy Brady to me but we added some moto boots to make it a bit more modern.



Don’t tell anyone but as much as I love my non-traditional dresses this one is my favorite by far.  When I made my last batch I vowed to make only Cocoon Dresses from here on out.  It is such a quick, satisfying sew that I really would make them ALL DAY LONG!  Such a darling dress in a quick amount of time.  I dare you to make just one!


I’ve got one more dress post for you tomorrow.  These cute sisters had a blast doing this shoot and I can’t wait to show you!  Are you sewing Christmas dresses?  Are you all about the pouf and pizazz or do you do simple and sweet?  Red and green or do you mix it up?  I’m loving seeing everyone’s dresses around the blog world!