Sisters are the BEST!


Growing up I was nine years older than my one and only sister.  I sure loved to mother and treat her like my own little baby but it wasn’t until we’d grown that she became one of my best friends.  I love that my girls are only 21 months apart and share that special bond already.


They couldn’t be more different personality wise but I think that helps them get along even better.


If you can’t tell, Sophie is more serious and reserved and Payton has some serious spunk!


Sophie is 8 going on 16 and Payton is happily 6 and still into dolls, playing pretend, and anything sweet and girly.



They had so much fun doing this shoot- our first real one with props and everything.  I know my indoor photos need a lot of work but it’s sure fun experimenting and learning along the way.  It’s a family affair as my husband helps jimmy-rig the backdrop up and is teaching me the ins and outs of the camera.  I really love being able to capture the kids personalities and share my latest creations.


My little super models are getting used to all the pics and for the right price ($1 a shoot as they save for Christmas) I think we all have fun in the process!


Those smiles!!!


I’m pretty sure Sophie is doing her best “Blue Steel” look here!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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