Watcha Wearing January


Tibeca at Sewing By Ti is hosting a fun tour filled with tons of inspiration to help you beat those winter blues.  Watcha Wearing January is all about your style this month and of course there’s two HUGE giveaways to go along with it.  Read on until the end for all the glorious details.

This post contains affiliate links.  Purchasing through them gives me a small commission that inevitably ends up as more fabric for me 😉


My winter wardrobe is pretty basic.  I either wear joggers and a flannel or jeans and a cardigan.  Really- every single day you will find me in some combination of that uniform.  I’m trying to branch out and throw some leggings in there too every now and then.  I’m fancy like that…


For this tour I want to highlight my newest Love Notions makes.


I’ve paired a Laundry Day Tee (free if you join the Facebook Group) with a Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan.  The Boyfriend Cardigan was my very first test for Tami at Love Notions and the start of something amazing!  I hadn’t made one since then and I’d been dying to pull out the pattern again.  For more pics of my Laundry Day Tee you can hop over here and find my dress hack here.


For this version I used my favorite fabric in the whole entire universe- seriously!  It’s charcoal french terry from the lovely Raspberry Creek Fabric.  (It’s out of stock currently but she gets new stuff in constantly!)  It’s amazingly soft, sews up so easy, comes out of the wash even better each time, never fades or pills- trust me, it’s the best!


I made a few slight mods to this version.  I sized up from my usual small to a medium- I wanted it oversized and cozy!  I left off the side vents also- mostly because I’m lazy.  Finally my ‘shawl’ part of the binding is a tad skinnier at the neck because I was short on fabric.


I added a tiny leather tag to my pocket just to class it up a tad.


Confession- after making this I wore it three full days in a row and at least twice a week since then.  It’s just the ultimate in comfort and goes with everything.


My second look features another boyfriend cardigan, paired with a La Bella Donna this time.


The La Bella Donna is one of my favorite top patterns.  I used a olive green modal jersey from Cali Fabrics for this version.  It’s silky soft and drapey but yet sewed up wonderfully.


I love the shape of this top!  Loose in all the right places and so comfortable.


It’s one of those ‘must-have’ patterns in my book.  It has a ton of options too which makes it a pattern you’ll use over and over.


This cardigan also is a medium with the side vents skipped.  I was also short on fabric for this one and had to get a little creative with my band.  I simply made my own band 6″x the width of fabric, folded it in half, sewed the short ends then attached it to the cardigan.  I did a three inch hem to get the band to fit.  I really like how this turned out and will use this method in the future too.


This one is currently sans pockets since I can’t make up my mind.  I’d love a little bigger, taller pocket but couldn’t get it quite right.  I’m not giving up though- after wearing this all day I realized that pockets are a must!


I love that this pattern is two separate back pieces.  The extra shaping really brings in the waist line and keeps it from looking sloppy.


This fabric was a gift but I believe it’s from Joann’s.  It’s a lovely navy on the inside and is such a great medium weight.

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Now for the giveaways!  There are TWO big prize packs this tour.  For more details and to enter to win all the loot head over to Ti’s blog.  There’s a Rafflecopter giveaway and also a linky party to join in.

Prize pack one includes patterns and fabric from these amazing sponsors:


Prize pack two includes fabric and patterns from all of these great sponsors:


You don’t want to miss it!  I’ll be bringing you one more post on this tour featuring children’s looks.  You can check the hashtag #watchawearinjanuary for more inspiration too!



Love Notions Luna Pajamas


Are you living in your pj’s this summer?  No?  Just me?!!  If you’re enjoying the lazy days of summer like I am then you can now do it in style with the new Love Notions Luna Loungewear!

(This post contains affiliate links.)


In ladies and girls sizes, you will be the comfiest chicks on the block!


There is a  cami and short or capris or a darling nighty option.  This little one was lucky to get her pants made from yummy Raspberry Creek Club Hearts.  Her top is an upcycled tee with Club dots as bands.  I love a good upcycle and this tank is perfect for it!


I paired my capris with the La Bella Donna for a cozy, modest look. My fabric is lightweight rayon jersey from LA.


The girls version comes in sizes  2t-16 and 8P-16P.

The Ladies version is in XS-XXXL.  They both feature optional pockets and drawstring waistband.  The cami also has an optional shelf bra!


We hit the backyard for our favorite summer treat- s’mores!!

Doesn’t get much better than this!

Pick up your bundle here or the ladies version and girls separately and be prepared to spend the rest of your summer lounging in style!  And when your neighbors come by at noon and you’re still in your pj’s you’ll be looking good!

Dive into Dolmans Round-up Review


Can you believe the end is here?  I’ve had such a blast with my co-bloggers and have learned so much.  Did you pick a favorite pattern?  Maybe find a couple you just HAD to have?

Here’s a little run-down of what we reviewed:

Diving Into Dolmans Week 1

Sewing By Ti- Sew Much Ado Seafarer
Creative Counselor- Sewing Cake’s The Tee
Sew Sophie Lynn- Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice
Made By Melli- Patterns for Pirates Sweet Tee

Guest blogger: Rebel and Malice- Jalie Dolman #3352

Diving Into Dolmans Week 2

Sewing By Ti- Create Kids Couture Donna’s Dolman
Creative Counselor- Blue Dot Patterns Georgia
Sew Sophie Lynn- EYMM Kymy’s Dolman

Guest bloggers: Rebel and Malice- Kzjo Poppy
Adventures with Bubba and Bug- Little Kiwi’s Closet Take Flight Dolman

Diving Into Dolmans Week 3

Sewing By Ti- Peekaboo Sunkissed Tee
Creative Counselor- Seamwork Aberdeen
SewSophieLynn– Hey June Aurora
Made by Melli-Peekaboo Sunkissed Tee

Guest Bloggers: Sew Far North – EYMM Assymetrical Top
Adventures with Bubba and Bug- Seamingly Smitten Dolman Sleeve Sweater with Assymmetrical Collar
Dos Natural Sistas- Hey June Aurora

Diving Into Dolmans Week 4

Sewing by Ti: Jalie #3352 Dolman
Creative Counselor: Maria Denmark Olivia Oversized Tee
SewSophieLynn- Itch to Stitch Carey
Made by Melli – Shwin Day Tripper

Guest Blogger: Sew Far North – Seamingly Smitten Women’s Dolman Sleeve Sweater
Mahlica Designs: Fancy Tiger One Hour Top

Diving Into Dolmans Week 5

Sewing By Ti: Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice
Creative Counselor: EYMM Natasha
SewSophieLynn- Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee

Guest bloggers: Sew Far North – Nap Time Creations Easy Breezy Summer Tee
Lulu & Celeste: Shwin Day Tripper

Diving Into Dolmans Round Up

Sewing By Ti
Creative Counselor
Sew Sophie Lynn

Guest Bloggers: Bubba and Bug


I love seeing them all together- what a variety of fits and features! All dolmans are definetely not created equal.

To check out my other beloved dolmans you can head here.


Ready to see my picks?  Drumroll please….

My surprise favorite is …


The Itch to Stitch Carey Top!  I love, love this top!  It’s not super versatile (like, I think people will catch on if I were to sew up a dozen and wear them everyday) BUT I will make more for sure.  I really want a light woven version for summer.  The gathered arms are just so fantastic and unique and really elevate this pattern.

Most comfortable goes to…


The Mandy Boat Tee from Tessuti.  It’s such a cute, comfy silhouette and very easy to wear.  Not the most flattering but most days I don’t really care 😉

The one I’m most anxious to sew up again is…


The Hey June Aurora Tee.  I love the side colorblock option with this pattern and definitely need to try it.  I also want an easy-breezy short sleeve version for summer. Adrianna recently posted the cutest slouchy Aurora tee hack here that I’m dying to try  too.

Most flattering goes to…


EYMM Kymy’s Dolman.  My poor little chest and lack of waist gets camouflaged great in this silhouette.  I’d love to try the side rouching option for even more belly hiding.  I think in a drapier fabric it will be even better!

My cool weather staple will be…


the Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Patterns for Pirates.  I love the silhouette of this tee with the long sleeves.  The volume up top with a fitted sleeve and waist works wonders on my frame too.  I will definitely be making more of these when the weather cools down.

My go-to staples will remain the same…


Sew Much Ado’s Seafarer Top is so quick and I love the slim fit of it.  It’s the perfect basic top for me.


Shwin’s Daytripper Top is another go-to that I can’t give up- pockets in a top are genius!  I’ve even hacked this one into my favorite loose-fitting maxi dress.  It’s just so good!


The Love Notions La Bella Donna Top is so super flattering and could potentially dethrone my other got-to’s.  I need to make a short sleeve version stat but I absolutely adore my long sleeve ones.

K- are you feeling overwhelmed?  That’s a lot of dolmans, right there!  The great thing about the pdf world is that there is something for everybody.  I certainly loved following my co-bloggers on this adventure and even with my abundance of dolman patterns I think I may pick up a couple of their favorites too.  Dolmans are so versatile and each pattern has it’s own unique fit and options that I hope you found the perfect pattern (or two…or ten!).

A HUGE thank you to the designers who so willingly gave patterns for this series and to the other bloggers who worked so hard each week.  Thanks Ti for letting me join in the fun.

And thank ya’ll for following along! I hope to see you around here again soon!

Dive into Dolmans Bonus


I know- it’s not Thursday but I’ve got a special little bonus post for you.


Dolmans were some of the first pdf’s I ever tried and the very first knit garments I ever sewed myself.  They are just perfect for beginners.


The Seafarer Top by Sew Much Ado is so quick and easy and I have a million in my closet.


It’s a slim fitting dolman with just the right arm curve, in my opinion.  There are options for bands or hems and also a pocket piece.  I love to change up the band widths for different looks too.

It makes a great basic top and looks totally different depending on fabric choice.


This is my favorite and it’s done in a poly jersey knit.  You can check out Ti’s full review here.  I think it’s great to see it on a different body type too and hers looks awesome.


Another favorite dolman pattern is the Day Tripper Top from Shwin Designs.


You can get full reviews of this pattern at Lulu and Celeste and Made By Melli.


I love all the options with this one- short sleeve, long sleeves, different hem lengths and curves, and POCKETS!  The pockets are the best!!!


I love this cozy reverse french terry version.  The pockets make it perfect paired with leggings.


I love the longer length to keep my toosh covered and comfortable.


It’s a looser fit than the Seafarer and I love the slouchiness of it.  Bonus- it can be made in a woven too!


Aren’t dolmans just a thing of beauty?  So quick and so cute!


I can’t leave out the fabulous Love Notions La Bella Donna (affl. link) that I reviewed here.  It’s full of options too and looks great on every body.  It’s got a  longer dolman sleeve that creates a flattering silhouette.  With tunic and regular length and multiple sleeve options, it’s a super versatile pattern to have.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a full round-up and links to see what my co-bloggers picked as their favorites too!  Thanks for joining in on the super fun tour!

For the Love of Dresses and Tunics Tour

I’m thrilled to be a stop on the Love Notions For the Love of Dresses and Tunics tour!  Stay tuned til the end for your chance to enter the fabulous giveaway!


I sewed up a La Bella Donna Top in a yummy sweater knit that’s just perfect for our traditional family Valentine movie night.


Paired with my jegging knit Sabrina Slims I’m ready for a cozy night in.


Before I cut into my planned fabric I made a tester version in a bargain find sweater knit. I did the slimmer shirt version and added height to the band to make it tunic length. I loved it right away and decided this will be my date night out top!  It’s so easy to glam it up for a quick dinner at our favorite little Thai place.

I made a few tweaks to my planned version after sewing this to get exactly the look I was after.


I added height and width to my cowl to really make it pop!  I love this floral sweater knit and really wanted to showcase it against the graphic stripes.  I can never get enough stripes and florals together!


I added an inch to the arm length and also brought the front neckline down about an inch and a half.  I kept the doubled height of the bottom band from my tester.

A comfy, cute top that will get worn way beyond Valentine’s Day.


We’ve had pizza and movie night every Friday night for as long as I can remember.  With five kids our weeks are so crazy that come Friday night we just want to snuggle up and be together!


We always have pizza- by Friday this mom is done thinking about dinner! Sometimes we order in, some days we make our own but every Valentine’s we’ve got to get a heart shaped take and bake from Papa Murphy’s.


It was an ‘artistic’ heart this year…


The kids all settle in on our ‘pizza blanket’ while mom and dad get comfy on the couches.  We’ve been loving introducing our kids to some of our favorite childhood flicks.  This night though we had a handful of extra boys and they picked ‘Here Comes the Boom’- totally blew my Valentine’s theme!

Throw in a little popcorn and treats and who needs to go to the real theater!


We’ve always got a little snuggler or two who join us.  The perfect start to our weekends!

(On a side note- my hubby is in a play and has to grow his hair out and can’t shave for a few months.  He was super embarrassed to make his blog debut as my homeless husband! I love the change though but we’ll keep that our little secret!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed your glimpse into our little Friday night ritual with a Valentine’s twist.  Make sure you catch all the other stops on this fun tour to see more gorgeous takes on some amazing Love Notions patterns.


Now the part you’ve been waiting for!  Enter the giveaway for your chance to win your choice of 5 Love Notions patterns (you can check out some of my favorite Love Notions makes here, here, and here) and $50 to spend at Girl Charlee.

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