Angelic Li’l LDT


This little girl had her winter dance recital the day we took these pics.  She wore an angel costume for her recital and I spent the day thinking how appropriate that was.


For this version of the Li’l LDT I used a cream sparkle ponte from Joann’s.  I had originally gotten it for a cardigan but it was really meant to be this dress-  I heard it calling to me 😉


As I sewed this up in the wee hours of the morning, I was nervous it would either be fabulous or look like a fancy nightgown.  With every project I cut out it’s so nerve-wracking hoping it turns out like the vision in my head.


This one was exactly as I’d hoped.  Once she got it on and styled I fell even more in love with it.


I did the cowl neck, bishop sleeves and high low dress version.  The front of the high low has been lowered a bit in the final version.


The cowl and bishop sleeves together just make such a classic, sweet combination.

This pattern will be such a go-to pattern in our house.  The girls love all their versions and I love how quick and easy they are to whip up.  It’s so fun to think of all the possibilities and how it will work for every season.


Have you picked up your copy yet?  Head over here and use code ‘forthegirls’ to get 20% off until 12/19.


That scrunchy nose smile gets me every time!




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