Mermaid Tails for Christmas


Mermaid tails are everywhere these days and I was so excited for my girls to open their’s up on Christmas morning.  These are definitely the most used Christmas gift at our house.  They’ve slept in them every night and are usually curled up in them watching a show or reading a book any chance they get.


I used the Anna Banana Mermaid Tail pattern.  I purchased it on Black Friday and wouldn’t you know a free version from another designer came out just days later!


I’m glad I purchased this though because the shape of the fin is so cute and the waistband is darling too.


It comes with an 18″ doll pattern and 8 different sizes from infant adult.


My girls rarely play with their dolls anymore so it was fun to see them break them out again so they could be matching.


I made an adult version for another family member and I think it was the gift I was most excited to give this Christmas. It was so cozy I almost stole it for myself!


These blankets are such a quick, fun sew and I highly recommend them if you are just beginning to sew or are looking for a project to use up all that fleece you couldn’t resist.   My fleece is all from Joann’s and all bought during their sale so these blankets cost about $8 each to make.  I love me a great deal and simple, fast sews!

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