A week in paradise


I’m a Southern California girl living in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  I need a little beach trip every once in a while to get me through the cold seasons here.



We were lucky enough to head to Cancun for a week of sun and family time.  It was a big deal for us since we don’t often get to do big family vacations.  This year for Christmas instead of big gifts we chose to do a trip.  Hopefully we can make it a tradition because I’d much rather have the amazing memories than a house cluttered with toys!


Seeing these three together in their mama-made swimsuits was so satisfying.  They were comfortable and just darn cute!


You can see more of each suit here, here, and here.


Would it be terrible to have a wall full of pics from this trip?!!


He’s got the ‘smolder’ down- watch out ladies!


And that water…like bath water warm!  Heaven, I tell you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had the resort photographer take family pictures so those combined with ours from the week make for some pretty sweet reminders of an amazing trip.  I’m ready to head back!


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