Sabrina Slims by Love Notions


I feel like these posts praising Tami at Love Notions might get a little repetitive but ladies…Do…you…see…these…pants?!!!


The Sabrina Slims are THE perfect pants.  With a change of fabric these can be worn for practically any occasion.


These pants went into testing the day before we went on our trip.  I was crazy excited about them and didn’t want to miss out so I quickly (like under an hour quickly) sewed up this pair in a stretch bottomweight from Joann’s that I’ve had in my stash forever.


I sewed up the basic pant- no bells and whistles.  They are sleek and fit like a glove.


They are made to hug your thighs then are straight from the knee to the hem.  The high waist is flattering (more on that in a bit) and comfortable.


So while I was thrilled with this pattern from the start, other testers struggled to get the perfect fit.  I got to watch the rest of the testing process from afar and I was absolutely blown away by the hard work and determination Tami showed to get these pants perfect for every body type!


She went through almost a dozen revisions as tester feedback came in and the fit just kept getting better.  She’s included a detailed tutorial walking you through various fixes for common fit issues.  I learned so much while testing these pants and you will get the same information right in the pattern tutorial.  It’s worth buying the pattern just for the fit tips!


As soon as I got home I was dying to whip up another pair using the final pattern.  I was not disappointed.


I used a knit jegging material from Joann’s and added the front seams and back welt pockets to this pair.


These were my first welt pockets and the instructions were fabulous! (gotta love the hand stamp 😉


I love how versatile this pair is.  Paired with boots and some jewelry it’s perfect for going out.


Or with a tee and sneakers they’re perfect for running errands.


I love that they look a bit more pulled together than leggings but still are oh so comfortable.

Now for the flattering part.  Everyone has their body issues and mine will forever be my belly.  This is a comparison of my ready-to-wear leggings on the right and the high waisted Sabrina’s on the left.  I love, love what these pants do for my gut!

The Sabrina’s are on sale through 1/30.  Make sure to pick them up here (affiliate link).  I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!

8 thoughts on “Sabrina Slims by Love Notions

  1. Love the look and fit of both pair you made. Do you mind sharing what size you sewed and what, if any, alterations you had to make to that size to achieve the perfect fit? I’m on the fence about buying the pattern because my measurements are all over the size chart, but I love the look and simplicity of the pattern. Thanks!


    1. Thanks! I sewed up a size 4 graded out to a 6 at the waist. The pattern is so full of information on how to alter them to get the perfect fit on your body. Tami does an amazing job walking you through all the alterations and how to blend between sizes. She’s doing a sew-a-long next week that will be even more helpful! I think you’ll love the pattern!


  2. Thank you for sharing your version of these pants! I’ve just made them out of jegging material and they seem to fit as yours do, which seems more snug than the floral pair you’re wearing. I’m wondering if I’ll need to size up to use a French terry to get the looser look. What did you do? Are they both the same size? Is it strictly the nature of the fabric that gives the different looser/more fitted appearance?


    1. Hi Tiah! My pairs were sewn during different phases in testing. My jegging pair were sewn with the final pattern. I think fabric plays an important role though. A stretch woven will be tighter than a knit pair. You could try sizing up for a more relaxed fit. It’s easy to take them in if needed too!


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