Floral Cropped Hudsons


The Hudson Pants from True Bias are one of those things I could make in my sleep.  Between me and my little ones, I’ve made too many to count.  I needed some quick comfy traveling pants before our trip so I instinctively grabbed my Hudson pattern.


Now, while I’m thrilled with the final pants, that fateful Friday-the day before we left, was the sewing day from down under.  I usually share all my butterfly and rainbow sewing tales but this was just an awful day.


I whipped through these pants and almost two raglans all on my serger when I realized my serger tension was off.  Like way off… looking great coming off the machine but a little stretch and it would unravel.  In my five years of sewing with my serger I’ve rarely had tension issues.  My good ol’ Brother 1034D just is that amazing!


So, instead of being done with my projects in an hour, I spent three fiddling with tension, tearing everything apart and RE-SEWING everything!  AND, I was silly and didn’t interface my grommets so one came off while threading the drawstring and while I thought I could be tricky and put a grommet in with the waistband attached I managed to punch a hole clear through the other side of the waistband.   Somedays are just like that… even in Australia (to quote our favorite book of the moment 😉


So these pants are fabulous though!  I can’t wait for warmer spring weather to wear these ALL THE TIME!  This Club french terry is so soft and delicious!



I finally fiddled with the pocket size on the Hudsons and love them!  My phone fits perfectly and it’s not too bulky- win-win-win!!

Do you ever have days like that? What’s been your worst sewing disaster?  I’ve had patterns not work out for me but I think this was especially bad because it felt like an old friend, my trusty serger, had turned on me.  With a little work we’ve gotten back together and will have many more rainbow and butterfly stories to share with you!

4 thoughts on “Floral Cropped Hudsons

  1. Every time I see another Hudson pants, I adore the pattern more. This white floral and cropped length has totally won me over! Sorry you had such a mess of things trying to get your last minute sewing done. Sometimes, it’s like the machines are saying we should have planned better and finished stuff earlier. LOL

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