Decklyn Jacket by Blaverry


Guys, I made a jacket!  Like a cute, zippered real life jacket!


And I took a million pictures to prove it!


Because when it looks this gorgeous on your little model you just can’t help yourself!


This is my second pattern from Blaverry.  I mentioned last month that I’ve been given the opportunity to work with Christie at Blaverry to help promote her fantastic pattern shop.


In return for a pattern I promise to spread the word about her patterns.  Great deal, right?


This month when she announced that the Decklyn jacket would be the pattern to promote I honestly was terrified!  I sew knits… like half hour, quick and painless projects.


While this jacket took a bit longer- two nap times shockingly, it was such a satisfying sew.


The pattern is impeccably made and the details are so good!


It’s fully lined and has the cutest zippered sleeve accents!


I used a cotton twill from Joann’s and a woven lace I picked up in LA.  The lining is something I’ve had in my stash for awhile.  Sophie picked it out and I think I’m rubbing off on her- I totally would have picked it for myself!


I love that this jacket will take her right into the spring!


The pattern instructions are fantastic and Christie is so readily available if you ever have any questions.  I just love that about pdf patterns- most designers love to help!


She loves it as much as I do- can you tell?!!


She said she will happily wear it every day!

I told you I took a million pictures!  As much as I love my quick sews, my favorite makes are always the ones that I take my time on.  The amazing details and perfect fit make this a project that I’ll be proud of for a long time.

12 thoughts on “Decklyn Jacket by Blaverry

  1. Looks so good! I feel the same way about loving the quick and easy projects, but when I’m pushed to do something bigger, I am so happy with the results!


  2. YAY! You did a seriously incredible job with your Decklyn pdf sewing pattern! The lace is TDF and the color of the twill is so tween friendly. This looks like something you would buy in a store! The time it took you to sew this shows in the quality and details of your work. WTG!!!


  3. I LOVE this jacket! Seriously, the fabrics….Something I would totally wear myself. Great fabrics for the jacket and I love what you have paired to go with it!


  4. I love this jacket – it is great when you try something like this and it turns out beautifully! The lace is an amazing addition – it looks great!!


    1. Thanks Susan and so true! I’m always nervous with big projects that I’ll mess it up somehow. Probably why I’m so pleased with this- came out just as I envisioned!


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