A Maxi for Sophie


It’s rare that I get to sew just because but ever since I got this fabric it’s been calling to me.


I knew when I saw it that it would become a maxi skirt for Soph.  The colors and print are so bright and totally her.


The top is a Lil Zippy top from See Kate Sew in a mystery rayon blend from Hancock’s.  I love the almost neon color of it too!


For the skirt I used Mingo and Grace’s Crop Top Set as my base.  I lengthened the skirt and I used the width of fabric instead of the skirt pattern piece.  The skirt fabric is also from Hancock’s (man, I’m going to miss their apparel fabric deals!).


I love the drama of this outfit but also that it’s comfy and practical enough for church on Sundays.  She wore this to church and didn’t want to take it off the rest of the day.  Maxi’s are the best for Sunday lounging!


This is totally another outfit I’m wishing I’d made in my own size.  If only I didn’t need twice as much fabric…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I loved this shoot!  We drove past this little water feature a few days ago and she immediately said, “That’s perfect for a photo shoot.  I really want to do my skirt pictures there!”  Is she a pro or what?!!


And this my friends, is why I sew!  She’s thrilled with her new outfit and I couldn’t be happier!


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