Greenstyle Hudson Hoodie for my Dad


When I saw this camo print from Raspberry Creek I knew immediately I needed to sew it up for my dad.  I rarely sew for gifts (my perfectionism kicks in and I stress way too much about it) but I just knew this would be a great Christmas present for him.  He loves the outdoors and hunting so this print was just meant for him.


The muted colors in this print are my favorite and that oatmeal french terry base is just amazingly soft.  (The oatmeal base has sold out repeatedly and is not currently available, huge bummer, but I’ll update this when it’s back in stock.)


I had a tiny bit of the print left and just had to make Charlie a matching pair of joggers.  These pictures of Papa and his buddy are just priceless to me.  Seriously, my heart just might burst!


I used the Greenstyle Hudson Hoodie with little modification (I had to cut my hood in two pieces to make it fit on my fabric).  The fit is great and it comes together quickly and smoothly (if you’re not stressing over all the little details ;).  My dad is 6’1″ and I didn’t need to add any length.  It helps that my oldest son is almost the same height so he was a great test model.  I think that’s the other hard thing about sewing for gifts.  Picking a size and hoping it fits is a pretty nerve wracking thing!  Luckily I think it worked out well this time.


I added a tiny leather tag and one of my favorite metal tags to the band as well.  I really appreciate little details and hope they make the sweatshirt look less ‘homemade’.


Charlie’s pants are the new Lexi and Lou Loungers from Made for Mermaids.  I did the jogger version and love them so much!  They come together so quickly.  I needed to print a new size for him anyways so I thought I’d give a new pattern a try.  Since he lives in his joggers, I think a variety of patterns is great to have.


He was instantly in love with these pants and refused to take them off after.  I’m pretty sure he’d still be wearing them, five days later, if I’d let him!


This shoot was a lot of fun.  My dad is an excellent photographer and I think my love for photography comes from him.  He was interested to see how these shoots go and what I do with my camera settings and such.  Little did he know I’m just about clueless when it comes to my camera and I just shoot and shoot and hope for some good ones.  We hit golden hour at one of my favorite spots.  Between great models, beautiful location, and gorgeous light this shoot turned out to be a favorite for sure!



My dad has convinced me to get out of my comfort zone and sew more for others.  I love how happy (and handsome!) he looks in this!  That’s the best reward ever!


I’ll leave you with this pic- straight out of a fashion magazine 😉  I love how they’re channeling their inner super models.  Perfection!


Club Aztec Greenstyle Hudson Hoodie


You don’t see much of this kid on here because 1- he’s too cool for mom-made’s usually and 2- he’s super picky about his clothes, period.



He received this hoodie for Christmas and immediately wanted me to replicate it because he loved it so much.  I gladly accepted his challenge!


Good thing I knew where to get some awesome Aztec french terry!


I picked up some solid charcoal french terry to go along with it- all from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.


I used Greenstyle’s Hudson Hooded T-shirt in size XS.  Another reason I never sew for this kid is because he’s right in between boys and men’s sizes which makes it difficult to find patterns that fit.  This pattern has a great size range (chest measurements from 34″-53″)!


I lined the hood in Aztec and added a drawstring and casing but otherwise followed the pattern.  The fit is great but we’ll change a few things next time for his preferences (picky, picky kid!).


I’m loving the final coloring of the Aztec.  The red is actually a deep burgundy and the colors are so vibrant.


And yes, he is wearing shorts in below freezing weather.  Are all boys like that?!!  I promise you he has a closet full of pants and you don’t need to send them our way 😉