Club Aztec Greenstyle Hudson Hoodie


You don’t see much of this kid on here because 1- he’s too cool for mom-made’s usually and 2- he’s super picky about his clothes, period.



He received this hoodie for Christmas and immediately wanted me to replicate it because he loved it so much.  I gladly accepted his challenge!


Good thing I knew where to get some awesome Aztec french terry!


I picked up some solid charcoal french terry to go along with it- all from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.


I used Greenstyle’s Hudson Hooded T-shirt in size XS.  Another reason I never sew for this kid is because he’s right in between boys and men’s sizes which makes it difficult to find patterns that fit.  This pattern has a great size range (chest measurements from 34″-53″)!


I lined the hood in Aztec and added a drawstring and casing but otherwise followed the pattern.  The fit is great but we’ll change a few things next time for his preferences (picky, picky kid!).


I’m loving the final coloring of the Aztec.  The red is actually a deep burgundy and the colors are so vibrant.


And yes, he is wearing shorts in below freezing weather.  Are all boys like that?!!  I promise you he has a closet full of pants and you don’t need to send them our way 😉



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