Summer Day Top by Made


All summer long I’ve been dying to make me a few new woven tops.  As soon as I saw the Summer Day top from Made Everyday, I knew it’d be perfect!  Stay tuned to the end of this post to see how you can win your own copy, too.  You know you totally want to be twinners 😉


I love all the options with this top.  I struggled picking which option to do and actually think it took me more time to decide than it did to sew up.  Anyone else get paralyzed with indecision when given so many cute choices?!  Lucky for all of us, these sew up so quick we can make them all!


I’m lucky enough to get my hands on the newest Raspberry Creek Fabrics goodies and this pretty rayon challis print  just needed to be this top.  I think woven tees are the best  to really let a print shine and this pattern just sings.  Can you hear it?!!


I chose the cuff sleeve version because I can’t get enough of this look.  I really love a good cuff and this one is super cute.


I did a size 4 and didn’t make any other adjustments.  I sometimes like to add length since I’m 5’7″ with a longer torso but I’m really happy with were this hits.


One small thing to note, I found the armhole to be a tad low and wore a cap sleeve half shirt under just for my own comfort.  It’s tricky to try to play with an armscyce because you want to keep the arm mobility.  I think the comfort and ease wins out here and I’ll probably just keep making these without modifications.


I really love how this top pairs with jeans but think it’ll be cute dressed up with a pencil skirt too.  I’m all about versatility and this pattern has it in spades.


Ready to win your own copy?  I’m going to make it super easy on you.  Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what version you’d make up first and I’ll pick a winner on Friday August 17th.  Make sure to check out the Summer Day Top on Instagram to be blown away with inspiration.  I can’t decide if I do a peplum version or a simple short sleeve version next (I may be counting down the days til my kids start school simply so I can whip up another one of these!).


44 thoughts on “Summer Day Top by Made

  1. Oh Tami, this fabric is 😍. I’ve been crushing on all of Susan’s versions of SDT since May! 😊 Dana did a really good job with this one for sure. I really think the cap sleeve or peplum top would be my first makes from this pattern.


  2. That shirt looks amazing. I’ve been struggling to find the right pattern for woven materials, and this one looks like a win for me. We are the same height with similar proportions, so it’s nice to see how it would fit me, too! Thank you for the giveaway option.


  3. This is one of my favorite new designs from Raspberry Creek! It looks marvelous on you. If I won this pattern, I think I’d do the cuffs with the peplum first because it looks sorta fancy, but also looks comfy. Thanks!


  4. Ive tried so many woven top patterns and havent found one that ive enjoyed wearing. Hoping this one might be a winner!


  5. I’d make the peplum version. I’ve been wanting to try the rcf rayon but I have so much I already need to use up. Maybe next club line?


  6. I want to make the cap sleeve version. I have some rayon challis that would be perfect. Thank you for the great review.


  7. Love this! That fabric is gorgeous and looks great on you. I’d make the cuffed sleeve version too, love the look of it.


  8. I can’t decide between the tank top and the cap sleeve! I love wovens and am excited to look at more versions of these. Yours is gorgeous!


  9. This is so cute! And it looks like it might even be simple enough to get me to try wovens again! 😂 I’m loving the RCF challis and really want to try some!


  10. I love the pattern and the fabric! I think I’d try the cap sleeve first and then try the cap sleeve with the peplum.


  11. I think I would make the same one you did. I also like the one with the ruffled bottom half but I am short so not sure how that would look. Thanks for the chance to win one 🙂


  12. I would totally twin with you. I love this top and am digging the new wovens from rcf. I read somewhere they wrinkle less, have you found this to be true?


  13. Well not to be a copycat but…
    I believe that I would make the identical top that you did! My favorite color is Teal so the fabric is beautiful 😊 and of course I’m a huge fan of RCF as well! Thanks for inspiring me!


  14. I love your version. I would like to make the cuffed sleeve as well. I saw some really pretty Riley & Blake cotton prints that would work well.


  15. I would make the sleeveless version first, just because that is a style that I wear all the time. I would end up making all of the versions eventually in different fabrics.


  16. I love this new woven shirt pattern! I have so many wovens in my stash that I don’t know what to do with! Due to an ever-growing baby bump the peplum top would be perfect!


  17. Yours is the perfect floral tee!! 😍 I love that print! I think I would sew up the peplum version first, but I can also see myself agonizing over that decision a while. 😉


  18. Your right, I totally want to twin with you. But I also have some amazing simple red fabric. I totally love the little short sleeves, this style of shirt is right up my alley!
    And yes, can’t wait until the kids are back in school to be able to sew more!


  19. I totally like this cuffed version. Since summer will be nearing a close soon in upstate NY, I could pair t with a long sleeve tissue tee underneath.


  20. I’ve been loving every version I’ve seen of this top. I think I’d first make the cuff sleeve version. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!


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