For the Love of Dresses and Tunics Tour

I’m thrilled to be a stop on the Love Notions For the Love of Dresses and Tunics tour!  Stay tuned til the end for your chance to enter the fabulous giveaway!


I sewed up a La Bella Donna Top in a yummy sweater knit that’s just perfect for our traditional family Valentine movie night.


Paired with my jegging knit Sabrina Slims I’m ready for a cozy night in.


Before I cut into my planned fabric I made a tester version in a bargain find sweater knit. I did the slimmer shirt version and added height to the band to make it tunic length. I loved it right away and decided this will be my date night out top!  It’s so easy to glam it up for a quick dinner at our favorite little Thai place.

I made a few tweaks to my planned version after sewing this to get exactly the look I was after.


I added height and width to my cowl to really make it pop!  I love this floral sweater knit and really wanted to showcase it against the graphic stripes.  I can never get enough stripes and florals together!


I added an inch to the arm length and also brought the front neckline down about an inch and a half.  I kept the doubled height of the bottom band from my tester.

A comfy, cute top that will get worn way beyond Valentine’s Day.


We’ve had pizza and movie night every Friday night for as long as I can remember.  With five kids our weeks are so crazy that come Friday night we just want to snuggle up and be together!


We always have pizza- by Friday this mom is done thinking about dinner! Sometimes we order in, some days we make our own but every Valentine’s we’ve got to get a heart shaped take and bake from Papa Murphy’s.


It was an ‘artistic’ heart this year…


The kids all settle in on our ‘pizza blanket’ while mom and dad get comfy on the couches.  We’ve been loving introducing our kids to some of our favorite childhood flicks.  This night though we had a handful of extra boys and they picked ‘Here Comes the Boom’- totally blew my Valentine’s theme!

Throw in a little popcorn and treats and who needs to go to the real theater!


We’ve always got a little snuggler or two who join us.  The perfect start to our weekends!

(On a side note- my hubby is in a play and has to grow his hair out and can’t shave for a few months.  He was super embarrassed to make his blog debut as my homeless husband! I love the change though but we’ll keep that our little secret!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed your glimpse into our little Friday night ritual with a Valentine’s twist.  Make sure you catch all the other stops on this fun tour to see more gorgeous takes on some amazing Love Notions patterns.


Now the part you’ve been waiting for!  Enter the giveaway for your chance to win your choice of 5 Love Notions patterns (you can check out some of my favorite Love Notions makes here, here, and here) and $50 to spend at Girl Charlee.

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24 thoughts on “For the Love of Dresses and Tunics Tour

  1. You are so talented. I love both tops you made. Stripes and florals are so good together. I have this pattern. I must go sew it up now.


  2. I love both versions! I really like how La Bella Donna has the bodice sleeve go farther down the arm than most other dolmans. I already have two dolman patterns, but this is tempting me to get a third!


  3. You’ve made me want to sew up another LBD for myself! Thanks for joining the tour and giving us a peek into your life, I really enjoyed reading about your Friday night tradition. Sounds like a winner!


  4. I love your La Bella Donna tunics, they look amazing on you…also love your Sabrina Slims. I enjoyed reading your post, such a fun night. I miss my children being little, now they have littles of their own & they are wonderful…thank you for sharing…

    God’s Blessings,
    Renee A


  5. I’m loving both your shirts and how we used the same pattern but have totally different looks! Your customizing for you is great! I really like the longer waistband. Your Friday evenings sound wonderful! Somehow our pizza night has become Thursday night which really messes up my mental state on Friday. I want to check out of cooking, but can’t because we have already had pizza. 🙂


  6. I love the look you created with the stripes and the florals it made go and purchase the LA Bella Donna for myself. I already have some fabric in my stash just waiting for this look.


  7. I’m not normally a fan of cowls…but I LOVE a scarf (is that contradictive). This is AWESOME! This essential is a “built in” scarf! Love the stripe/floral combo! 🙂


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